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Twelve-year-old Joe recently asked Jesus to live in his heart.

Yet the church where Joe accepted his Savior not even two weeks before will no longer allow the biracial boy to enter.

On Aug. 6, during its scheduled Sunday night business meeting, <a href="http://fbcsaltillo.org/templates/System/default.asp?id=28600" target="_blank">Fellowship Baptist Church in Saltillo</a> voted not to accept blacks within the church. More specifically, the congregation also voted Joe out and said he could not return.

Fellowship Baptist Church, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal 22 Comments [8/25/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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The link in the above post is the wrong church. Please don't send those folks any hate mail.

8/26/2006 1:47:50 PM


Wow, it's like the last 50 odd years of social progress were just a dream or something.

8/26/2006 2:12:51 PM


This month's \"Feel That Christian Lurve\" award is ready to go!

8/26/2006 3:15:52 PM


That's certainly a big steaming piece of Christian love right there. So let me get this straight now, the ways to salvation are: accept God; and/or good works; and/or be Caucasian.

8/26/2006 3:25:56 PM


These people presumably think that there are only white people (of the right background) in heaven. Kind of like a celestial country club, where they never loose a game of golf. They probably see St. Peter as the security guard.

8/26/2006 4:24:27 PM



ya i was wondering is that was the wrong link. the page opened up and there were clipart photos of a happy black family on the home page. no WAY that could be this racist church.

8/26/2006 6:34:44 PM

David D.G.

I wonder how the folks at that church feel about Jews -- you know, like Jesus.

~David D.G.

8/26/2006 6:38:14 PM


Hmmmm...the church denies they ever made such a descision. I suspect that if they were racist fundies, they wouldn't be trying to hide the fact that they were fundie racists. Most of that sort seem to wear the lable as a badge of honor.

I suspect there is more going on here than is on the surface of the article. Politics in small-town churches can get downright viscious. There's a church near me where some members that quit began telling everyone that they did so because the pastor leads Satan worshiping rituals at the youth group meetings, and that there is the skeleton of a murdered baby in the altar.

8/26/2006 6:49:18 PM


There's that Christian love. Doesn't it make ya feel all warm and fuzzy?

I can only hope that \"Joe\" has seen the light and is now cured of his desire for religion.

8/26/2006 10:19:14 PM

Papa Bear:

Sadly, he probably isn't.

8/27/2006 1:19:47 AM

David D.G.

Sandman: Wow, that's just bizarre. Lying for Jesus is hard enough to make sense of when it's against \"heathen scientists,\" but specifically against a former or rival CHURCH? That is well and truly messed up.

I've quoted it before and I'll quote it again: A fanatic is someone who, when he has lost all sight of his goals, redoubles his effort.

~David D.G.

8/27/2006 4:28:54 AM

Napoleon the Clown

What the hell is with these hate groups calling themselves Baptists? Every Baptist I've known has been a wonderful person...

8/27/2006 5:38:11 AM


Hate to say it but good for the church, Joe you dont have to be christian, its an evil religion.

8/27/2006 6:16:35 AM


Disgusting. Just... I can't think of any other words for it.

8/27/2006 7:12:19 AM


'The following Sunday, people at the church asked the Kirks if they would become members, and the family started praying about it'.

As 'praying' is just what the deluded call 'wishing', why would the Kirks (an ironic name, incidentally) 'wish' join a club where many of the members will regard them as second-class citizens?

I'm reminded of a Whites-only church in apartheit South Africa. The pastor walked in and was shocked to see a black woman kneeling in the aisle.
'What are you doing in here?' he cried.
She held up her brush and replied 'I'm only scrubbing the floor, Sir'.
'Well, that's OK' said the pastor 'but for a moment I thought you were praying'.

8/27/2006 7:18:36 AM


Please, read the whole article. Actually many people stood for the boy. It´s true that these guys don´t deceive anybody, and if it were true, what a \"Christian\" love have. However, a rival church?, sounds even worse.

8/27/2006 8:10:33 PM


Sad thing is I'm not the least bit surprised about this happening...

9/4/2006 6:15:15 PM


It's Little Rock all over again.

12/23/2006 6:55:40 PM


Now, I'm not bashing the South, as I live in a fairly Southern state myself, and I don't like generalizing, but...
Why am I not surprised that this happened in Mississippi?

12/23/2006 8:22:43 PM

Mr. Chuckles

joe brings up a fair point. no surprise that this starts in the south. and just when i was beginning to think the south could lose the racist steryotype.

12/23/2006 9:15:50 PM


and just when i was beginning to think the south could lose the racist steryotype.

Sorry, here in north Georgia, it's still strong.

My entire family is racist. My stepfamily is even MORE racist. Every time I make a friend, it seems, they turn out to be a racist.

I've already decided that next time I make a friend and they tell me they're racist, I'm punching the shit out of them then and there. I never want to hear racist drivel from the mouth of someone I care about, ever again.

Don't come down here unless you want to put up with the same thing. You think someone's a great guy, and then immigration or the Middle East or whatever comes up...

12/24/2006 5:50:58 AM


Fellowship Baptist Church my foot! It should NEVER be called Fellowship Baptist Church!

3/3/2013 10:50:52 AM

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