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Sure you believe that there was all this dust for no reason and it all decided to go Plop and boomed into everything we have today. Then rocks came alive and made the first ever bacteria which found something to eat and someone else to marry (good trick). of course this is bull-turd but once you add millions of years to it all of a sudden its "scientific". Why? because evolution into organisms is very slow. Of course it is. Its completely stopped. It doesnt happen at all. This RELIGION is a pathetic attempt to push God out of the picture.

TheRealPrincessLeia1, Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums 35 Comments [8/31/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Broken Egg

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Well, if Princess Leia says so..

9/1/2006 2:12:47 AM


Oh for fuck's sake, why couldn't you have fallen into the belly of the Sarlaac pit on Tatooine and discovered a new meaning of pain and suffering as you were slowly digested over 1000 years.

9/1/2006 2:39:40 AM


\"Then rocks came alive and made the first ever bacteria which found something to eat and someone else to marry\"

That is so fucking funny. Required marriage for bacteria before they can reproduce? I'm sorry, I need to wipe the tears from my eyes. Hahahahahaha!

9/1/2006 6:17:47 AM


Mmmmmmm, Princess Leia.

9/1/2006 10:32:55 AM


It appears no one recognized your reply as being from the excellent \"Office Space\", a small gem of a picture.
I highly recommend it.
Yah, it's applicable.

9/4/2006 12:36:35 AM

sigh.. i love it \"in the sarcastic sense\" when they use this logic but when it gets to god they say, Oh yeah he just apeared.

9/11/2006 5:47:27 AM


Miss Leia, do you realize how many poor victims this argument has claimed?

This one, for example, used to guard a field in the Midwest before you called him \"dirt that decided to go plop\" and brutally ripped him to shreds.

This one watched a pumpkin patch, before you accused him of being a \"rock that came alive\" and tore him apart.

This happy couple lived together before you accused one of helping bacteria eat, and the other of helping them marry.

As a member of the Association for the Humane Treatment of Straw Men, I am appalled by your brutal killings, and hope that you never do it again.

9/13/2006 6:16:29 AM


Bakteriae, DON´T MARRY. They don´t have bacteria priest and they don´t reproduce by sexual contact. This point is enough to consider this girl a MORON.

10/1/2006 3:23:59 PM


The saddest thing about theirname is that it ends in a 1, which means someone else had already taken it once.

8/17/2010 1:13:08 PM

Quantum Mechanic

What horseshit.

7/7/2011 11:05:20 PM

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