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I think the slow death penalty should be instated. First off you are executed in the manner that you committed the crime. If the bodies aren't found and the style of murder is unknown, then I think the capitol murderer should be dipped in honey and red fire ants should be poured all over his/her body. I am not joking..I am not a gimmick..I am sick of liberals caudling to the criminals and appeasing them because they are scared. I find no reason in the Bible where the death penalty is prohibited. It was part of the old law, So it is still usable today.

hayden, POD Warrior Forum 16 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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\"It was part of the old law, So it is still usable today.\"
this is one of the scariest things I've ever heard.
forget human progress, forget the thousands of years we've spent trying to better ourselves... it really does scare me how fundies want to return humanity back to those horrible times.

2/17/2007 9:26:50 PM


There's one thing we thing we develop as a civilized world,... I think it's was named human rights. You should research about that

5/4/2009 1:31:55 PM


Some people get off on torture. Hayden is obviously one of them and is a very sick individual. Someone really should report him to the authorities before he hurts someone (if he hasn't already).

5/5/2009 3:54:06 AM


I don't really see a difference between you and the people you want to punish, Hayden. Should I dip you in honey and pour red fire ants on you?

Why not? Oh, yeah, because I'm not an uncivilized douchebag, that's why. But then you'll blame me for "caudling to the criminals." Damned if I do, damned if I don't - sums up your religion pretty well, actually.

5/5/2009 4:06:43 AM


"I find no reason in the Bible where the death penalty is prohibited."

My concerns over syntax aside, isn't there a fairly well-known proclamation about killing somewhere in there?

8/11/2009 2:50:54 AM

Swedish Pagan

Thou shalt not kill! Did you miss that part of the Commandments?

8/11/2009 2:53:54 AM


Save it for the battlefield, kid. That sort of bloodlust belongs there, although sating it means you risk getting your head blown off. But at least we would have one less person suggesting cruel and unusual punishment for criminals.

8/11/2009 4:33:18 AM

Big Jilm

Just admit your a sadist, plain and simple.

8/11/2009 5:34:18 AM


Note that this specimen is advocating torture and the death penalty in cases where no body has been found and the murder method unknown - in other words, cases where there is a distinct possibility that no murder has taken place at all, and any evidence is likely to be circumstantial and the conviction unsafe!

What these hang'em high types miss is that while torture and the death penalty for serious crimes sound just dandy to them in theory, they forget that this makes juries rightly far more wary of a wrongful conviction, with the effect that the offender may be more likely to get off scot free. For every wrongful exeuction in a death penalty jurisdiction (of which there are undoubtedly many) there may be at least as many guilty going free who would not have done so if the jury had not feared executing an innocent person. The likes of hayden never think of that.

8/16/2009 9:17:40 PM

David B.

"I find no reason in the Bible where the death penalty is prohibited."

Yeah, but you have to be without sin to apply it (John 8:7 - "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."). And if you think you qualify then the bible says you are wrong (1 John 1:8 - "If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.").

8/17/2009 5:19:02 AM


How is this not in the top 100?

3/24/2011 9:46:22 AM


So...do away with prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, do away with due process (because, I mean, if method of murder isn't known, nor is there a body, you can't even prove a murder occurred, let alone who did it), do away with habeus corpus...fuck it, let's just put a person accused in front of a mob with torches and pitchforks. If he survives, he's innocent.

3/24/2011 1:25:24 PM

Dr. Wierd

This is another example of that "Christian love" I hear so much about, right?

3/24/2011 3:50:54 PM


What if the person has killed more than once, using different methods?

Just askin'.

3/25/2011 12:49:31 AM


"I am not joking..I am not a gimmick..I am sick - "

If you'd stopped there, hayden, we'd all be in agreement with you.

3/25/2011 7:31:50 AM


"I think the slow death penalty should be instated."

And when the FEMA camps are instated, where all wingnut Repubicans, Teabaggers, Neocunts, Religious Right et al are sent, you'll be the first up for such unimaginably hideous, and infinitely painful death by torture.


Ah, a man (with a more than infinite hatred of everything - and everyone - right-wing) can but dream, eh hayden? [/Sauce for the Goose] And in your case, if wishes were currency, you'd be homeless & hungry.

3/25/2011 8:08:43 AM

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