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You apparently weren't listening - I said that, unless he used trick photography, or actors, then there is no natural explanation for how he caused a bent card (or merely the "bend" itself) to transfer from the middle of a deck of cards to the top of the deck, which I happened to see him do on television. Again, perhaps it was "trick photography", with some fancy editing, but if not, there is no natural explanation (use the process of elimination, and common sense reasoning regarding physics, etcetera).

Douglas J. Bender, Internet Infidels 8 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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I bet you think your uncle really found quarters behind your ear when you were a kid.

3/23/2008 12:40:25 PM


Here's some words for you to look up in the dictionary,,,,

1) Sleight-of-Hand
2) Prestidigitation
3) Illusion

oh,,,, and a good book to read - Card Tricks for Dummies.

What do you mean you don't own a dictionary and only read the buybull?

3/23/2008 2:19:22 PM

Tomby Stone

It's crazy to think that if some people had their way we'd still be burning people at the stake for performing card tricks. That's the thing with common sense, it's just not all that common.

3/23/2008 6:22:46 PM

Jack Bauer

Go watch The Prestige.

Then watch me perform the classic 'cups and balls' - at no time do my hands leave the ends of my arms...

Misdirection has never been so easy.

3/23/2008 6:53:36 PM


yeah, and if my computer isn't running on electricity, there's no natural explanation for how i'm posting this.

So there must be a god.

3/23/2008 8:43:13 PM

Psalm 137:9


This is how the world's greatest card trick really works

3/30/2008 2:14:32 AM


And I know of a big red bridge for sale near San Francisco.

(Can't discuss this now - The magic box in my bedroom has a picture on it - It's changing colours and shapes...)

3/30/2008 6:17:32 AM


Does Christianity cause gullibility, or the other way around?

1/14/2009 9:42:20 PM

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