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No, God didn't take away Pharaoh's freewill and forced him to make a stupid descision. The phrase "harden his heart" means that God allowed pharaoh's heart to become hard. He didn't take away pharaoh's freewill and make him let the people go - he allowed pharaoh to harden his heart. So it is in the sense that God allowed pharaoh's heart to become hard that the Bible says that God caused "his heart to become hardened". In a fuller way - God caused pharaoh's heart to become hard by allowing pharaoh to have his own way. That's the way I see it anyway.

davidH, Internet Infidels 29 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Puffi Urai(Proud Shintist)

I have one word:


8/19/2007 10:25:52 PM


My brain hurts.

8/19/2007 10:32:35 PM



8/19/2007 10:45:51 PM


"Exodus 10:1 - And the LORD said unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might shew these my signs before him: "

He's just trying to justify his sky-fairy being a completely sadistic motherfucker. There there fundy, have this cyanide cookie and go play with sharp objects.

8/20/2007 12:07:33 AM


So God gave us all free will, except when he wants to make an example out of us.

Dance, puppet, dance.

9/4/2007 9:16:01 AM


I thought it was pharaoh's PENIS that god made hard.

9/4/2007 9:52:47 AM


Let's gather 'round and dance for the puppet master! Oh, yes! Dance! [/DrCox]

9/4/2007 10:24:13 AM

Tomby Stone

I just have one question, did the pharaoh's heart become hard ??

9/4/2007 10:25:51 AM


semantic genius. still doesn't weasel god out of "hardening his heart": inerrant, unambiguous etc, etc

9/4/2007 10:29:45 AM


Behold, the mental gymnastics! That's usually the process you fundies have to use to make the Babble say what you want it to. In fact, this is the only method available to negate obvious contradictions!

9/4/2007 1:44:03 PM


Whatever it is you are on, stop it! Go to rehab!

9/4/2007 1:55:30 PM


...Because causing progressively worse and worse disasters to all the egyptian (culminating in every first-born person and animal in Egypt dying) was the best way to free the Israelites

9/5/2007 12:10:57 AM


George Bush's speech made more sense then that!

9/5/2007 5:14:54 AM

Mr Smith

No, look. It says it right there "I have hardened his heart", it doesn't say "I have allowed his heart to become hardened".

See the difference?

9/5/2007 5:34:45 AM

Jack Bauer

Let me summarise:

Pharaoh's heart was hardened because god let him harden his heart so that his heart would be hard after it had been hardened when god let this hardening of pharaoh's heart happen.

9/5/2007 7:47:53 AM

Ok, try to explain the notion of responsability and, therefore, sin. And then, you'll realise that Christianity wouldn't make any fucking sense.

2/12/2010 4:14:28 AM


So when the bible says God created the heavens and the earth, it must actually mean God allowed the heavens and the earth to be created and actually had f***-all to do with it!

Ohh, I understand now. He's not omnipotent, he's omniindolent.

2/12/2010 4:18:29 AM

Philbert McAdamia

If I say it three times, it's true.
If I say it SIX times, you're going to hell if you don't believe it.

2/12/2010 4:50:45 AM


In my Swedish Bible it says "for I have closed* his and his servant's hearts, so that I could make these my signs among them".
It sounds more like God made them blind or something like that.
And, as you all know, the Bible I have before me is the One and Only, the True Bible. All other Bibles are just travesties and bad copies. Right? [/sarcasm]

*or possibly "shut".

2/12/2010 7:12:39 AM


Except it specifically said God hardened his heart. not allowed it to BECOME hard, hardened it. God made him unmoved to Moses' pleas. Try reading comprehension again.

2/12/2010 7:20:43 AM


"The phrase "harden his heart" means that God allowed pharaoh's heart to become hard."

Nice bit of 'interpretation' there. But I call shenanigans on your part. If the writers of said Bible wanted it to mean what you say, they'd have written it as you stated, verbatim. Then no confusion would occur.

Besides, the seat of learning, personality and feeling is the brain, not a blood-pump. Further proof that the Bible is nothing but bollocks; it would've said 'God hardened Pharaoh's brain'. But the Bible was written in such a vague way. So vague in fact, as to make it unbelievable.

And speaking of confusion...:

"God allowed pharaoh's heart to become hard."

I'd rephrase that, if I were you.

[/Finbarr Saunders]

2/12/2010 8:31:54 AM

Sir P

According to by (Dutch) Bible, Ra hardened the Pharaoh;s heart.

3/13/2010 4:15:35 PM


I thought Quarterflash wrote "Harden My Heart" and it was Pharoah all along. It's still a great song. So is "Walk Like an Egyptian."

I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears
I'm gonna turn...and...leave you here.....

3/13/2010 4:58:57 PM


I'd like to know why the Hebrews adopted the Egyptian idea that the heart was the organ of cogitation and emotion. Shouldn't your god have mentioned the function of the brain, instead of allowing them to be led astray by pagan magic?

5/18/2011 12:09:09 PM


Ah yes, personal interpretation of your holy book. The hallmark of Christianity since forever.

5/3/2012 7:11:32 PM

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