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This [the Big Bang theory] is the DUMBEST thing scientists have ever come up with. The whole idea that things combined together and bang, there was life. People, animals, planets, trees, grass, flowers. This is so retarted. And what was it that combined together and how was it made? It is just a dumb concept.

EternalWarrior, POD Warrior Forum 11 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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No, what you've got there is virtually the biblical story. Just replace *bang* with *poof* and you're good to go.

1/8/2007 6:43:50 AM


Why is it, that I keep hearing about how crazy the Big Bang theory is from people who are trying to convince me that \"god\" blew air into a ball of dirt and made a man? WTF? All with no proof whatsoever!

1/8/2007 9:04:07 AM


First off: misspelling \"retarded\" angers the irony gods.
What combined together was amino acids in tide pools. The necessary chemical reactions were incited by sudden enormous electrical imbalances (lightning).

Why am I explaining this on a site the original person won't read?

1/8/2007 8:34:02 PM


I love retards like that.

Exactly how retarded do you need to be to employ this logic?

I don't understand it, therefore it's dumb!


1/9/2007 5:07:44 AM


It's really brave of you to say things when you have no idea what you're talking about.
I probably wouldn't dare open my mouth, if I didn't know something about the subject I was going to talk about.

11/24/2007 3:29:10 PM

King Duncan

I read the babble and now I'm retarted too!

11/24/2007 4:19:28 PM

I think the problem is that fundies think the world started in an explosion rather then the universe slowly and gradually forming. The Big Bang is just a name for the event.

1/8/2011 4:08:28 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"This is so retarted."

Yes it is, and so are you.

3/7/2011 5:29:39 PM


this truly shows the depth of fundie science knowledge.

you fucking fail.

so hard.

3/7/2011 6:16:43 PM


Well, the Big Bang occurred a few billion years before the earth formed, and that happened a few billion years before people formed, so no, you know diddly squat about it. As usual.

12/20/2016 9:42:30 AM

And yet you fail to grasp it

12/20/2016 11:35:32 AM

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