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More MALES needed.

I feel there needs to be

more of a MALE influence here,


ronmatheson, Christian Forums 42 Comments [9/26/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: UberLutheran

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Why the hell not?

9/27/2006 2:29:32 AM


Go sit in your corner, read your bible, remeber to take your meds, and leave the rest of us in the 21st century alone.

9/27/2006 2:30:19 AM


Huh. I think the fact that he's so boring he couldn't think of a better username than his own name really says something...

9/27/2006 2:36:32 AM


Huh. I think the fact that he's so boring he couldn't think of a better username than his own name really says something...


9/27/2006 2:39:50 AM

My Brain Hurts

Please, if more men would learn a thing or two from their woman, there would be more \"seeing god\" in the bedroom ;)

9/27/2006 2:54:00 AM


I am boring too for my lack of imagination for my username :(

That being said, why the fuck not?
A well qualified woman is as good as a well qualified man to teach things.

9/27/2006 2:57:12 AM


Tell that to my History teacher.

And my Spanish teacher.

And my English teacher.

And my Theatre teacher.

And my Chemistry teacher.

9/27/2006 2:58:02 AM


Both of your names sound fun naturally, anyway.

Don't be offended, was just a joke.

9/27/2006 3:10:54 AM

Napoleon the Clown

A misogynistic pricks should keep their opinions to themselves, what's your point?

9/27/2006 3:13:28 AM


Ron is gay!

9/27/2006 3:24:28 AM


Ron, if you're the alternative, I'm eternally grateful to my female (and male) teachers.

9/27/2006 3:59:30 AM

Cosmonaut X

Proudly marching into the 18th century, anyone?

9/27/2006 4:13:07 AM


Misogynistic Fuckwit of the Week?

9/27/2006 5:06:50 AM


It looks like nobody has taught you much of anything. The caps lock button is not a toy, you could put out an eye with that thing.

Tell me true ronmatheson, is this just your way of getting to spend a lot of 'one-on-one' time with a special someone?

9/27/2006 5:30:36 AM


Yes, My Brain Hurts has already said it but if you want to know how to make love to a woman, you have to ask another woman.

9/27/2006 7:06:38 AM


Well, you see, not even men teach nowadays because they are the first ones not to believe your nonsenses.

9/27/2006 7:39:25 AM


As long as marriage exists, women will teach men.

9/27/2006 10:37:24 AM


Geesh....That site is dripping with machismo, isn't it?

9/27/2006 10:49:58 AM

Mister Spak

I hope you're not teaching anyone.

9/27/2006 11:43:18 AM


Translation: \"I feel extremely threatened by women because I am a mysoginistic bully with a very small dick.\"

9/27/2006 11:54:28 AM


Honey... women don't even TRY. It's a waste of fu**ing time ;)

9/27/2006 12:39:12 PM


I love how he tags it with (imo) when according to Fundie Logic there's Scriptural support for it somewhere.

If you're gonna thump the Bible, thump it with all your heart, man!

9/27/2006 12:59:10 PM

David D.G.

Fundies love to preserve their ignorance. I guess if you shut out half the population as potential teachers, you're well on your way to shutting out any potential learning at all.

~David D.G.

9/27/2006 2:25:38 PM


I said it before I'll say it again

Junia was a woman Apostle before Paul

9/27/2006 4:15:47 PM


So why are most primary school teachers women? I know from personal experience that in elementary school, male teachers can come in for a whole lot of suspicion of being sexual predators. Female teachers are thus preferred in this day and age of utter horror that your child might disappear into the night one day. Still, most public-school administrators are male in my experience.

9/27/2006 5:48:45 PM

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