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As long as the ACLU exists, Christians will be persecuted.

lubbock, Free Conservatives 49 Comments [9/28/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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If you consider persecuted to respect the rights of homosexuals, black people and women, yes, you´ll be persecuted.

9/28/2006 3:52:06 PM


All this jackass has to do is look up the ACLU's site for NUMEROUS cases of religious freedom the ACLU has gone to bat on - where they are DEFENDING fundie nuts like him.

9/28/2006 4:04:35 PM


That would be extremely awkward for the ACLU, since the moment Christians become persecuted, they, by the very definition of their existence, will defend those persecuted Christians. Which, as a matter of fact, they currently do...when Christians are oppressed, which, in the USA, is damn seldom.

Being denied the ability to persecute others is not being persecuted yourself.

9/28/2006 4:25:34 PM


Why does the majority keep persecuting themselves?

9/28/2006 4:26:52 PM


Hmmm... that could make for a good slogan.
\"The ACLU: Defending your right to be persecuted.\"

9/28/2006 4:30:27 PM

Mister Spak

Being denied the ability to persecute others is not being persecuted yourself.

But Sandman, that *is* their definition of being persecuted.

9/28/2006 4:35:12 PM


That's what *I'm* counting on, anyway.

9/28/2006 4:42:13 PM


It's just because if the \"L\" in there. \"Liberties\" sounds like \"liberal,\" you know.

9/28/2006 4:47:22 PM


Maybe Christians in the USA could use a bit more REAL persecution, just so they could finally tell the difference?

9/28/2006 4:49:47 PM

Wolf O'Donnell (SWHQ)

Persecuted? Last perseuction I heard of was in Ancient Rome long before the Romans converted. We should give these fundies a real taste of persecution, but then they'd claim they were right all along.

9/28/2006 5:08:21 PM


All those Christians thrown to the lions in the ACLU arenas -- It's just a damn shame.

9/28/2006 5:48:05 PM


Yep, the ACLU does so much persecuting, what with defending all those civil rights that just get in your way. You know, maybe this whole thing would be easier if we had no rights whatsoever? Methinks you would like that right up until the point when someone whos opinion differed from yours got in power.

\"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier - just so long I'm the dictator.\" - GWB

9/28/2006 5:48:26 PM


And as long as fundies are nuts, they'll continue to spout crap like this.

9/28/2006 5:55:36 PM


Well, Wolf, there was also a lot during various communist revolutions.

9/28/2006 5:55:46 PM

David D.G.

Sandman wins -- as usual.

Christians in the U.S.A. complaining about being persecuted is sort of like a cop complaining that he's been ordered not to beat up random people anymore.

~David D.G.

9/28/2006 6:12:02 PM


As long Christians persecute, the ACLU will exist.

9/28/2006 6:17:09 PM


or not.

9/28/2006 6:42:35 PM


What Julian said.

9/28/2006 6:47:22 PM


I mean, come ON....the ACLU has said it would be willing to assist Fred Freaking Phelps if his free speech was restricted!

Get over it! The ACLU does not stand for \"Anti Christian Liberals United!\" ....as much as I sometimes wish it did....

9/28/2006 7:15:20 PM


Go back in time to when your people were being slaughtered and fed to lions, then complain to me about persecution, you jerk.

9/28/2006 7:38:51 PM

Tiny Bulcher

No, no, not the comfy chair!

9/28/2006 7:41:05 PM


Who are the ACLU? Sorry to be stupid... too many fundies lowering my IQ!

9/28/2006 7:48:55 PM


Fred Phelps.

9/28/2006 7:56:55 PM


How many times? Christians in America are not being persecuted. People like you only wish they were, because I honestly believe you've turned it into some kind of a fetish. Either that, or it's the only way you can convince yourself that acting like a raging fuckwit is okay.

9/28/2006 9:18:53 PM


Oh, the horrors of the great x-tian persecution! When will these poor folks be able to worship without having to hide their beliefs on every tv channel on sunday mornings?

9/28/2006 10:56:05 PM

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