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[The Sun will not "burn out" per se, it will only run out of fuel. It will be unable to fuse heavier elements into even heavier elements.]

Utterly false. What you really mean to say is that IF this state of PO went on for billions of years, that is what would happen. That is meaningless! Unless you can prove that it will go on!

[NOTE: This this thread is really worth a read. Its got JohnR7 chipping in as well. Beware of totally batshit insane craziness.]

dad, Christian Forums 19 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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So, it is impossible to know, even if experiments and calculi have been made. However, if the Bible, written by nomadic people with no sense of science whatsoever says so, you have to believe it.

9/30/2006 11:01:44 AM


There's no evidence to suggest that it WON'T go on....Except for that Babble business...

9/30/2006 11:21:20 AM

Wolf O'Donnell (SWHQ)

Urgh... the ignorance of science is strong amongst the fundies. I pray that they never get into positions of power.

9/30/2006 11:56:16 AM


So the sun won't fuse heavier elements because Jesus will have returned before that? Well at least you're not in a hurry since you are willing to give him another few billion years to get back here.

9/30/2006 11:58:43 AM


I refuse to read a thread including both JohnRStupid and dad. The sheer concentrated stupid would destroy my mind.

9/30/2006 2:24:58 PM

Tiny Bulcher

@Hadanelith: Maybe that's how they got like that in the first place!

9/30/2006 3:02:13 PM


We'd better separate them, the sheer mass of their collective stupidity, concentrated in the infinitely small volume of their brains might collapse into a black hole and swallow the planet whole.

I read the first couple pages of the thread, and I found it quite funny. Not only will a huge city that's invisible now but won't be then will decend upon the earth but won't blow a crater in the ground because gravity will work completly different, and it will be made of a material we know now but will have completely different properties then. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that the physical properties of the entire universe will change suddenly for no other reason than to allow all this to happen?

9/30/2006 4:59:59 PM

Napoleon the Clown

Well, technically, shit could hit the fan and kill this entire solar system before the sun goes nova...

9/30/2006 6:19:55 PM

My Brain Hurts

He's not arguing against the sun going supernova, just that it doesn't matter unless you can prove humankind will still be here.

What nonsense... If the scientist still had to be alive to see his/her theories \"proved\", we would still believe crazy stuff. Like: the earth is flat, that people are made of dirt, that the earth is 6000 years old, etc.

oh... wait a minute...

9/30/2006 7:09:31 PM


So, if I killed dad today, it wouldn't be a crime unless he could prove that he otherwise would have been alive tomorrow?

9/30/2006 7:26:49 PM


JohnR7 and dad in the same thread! This is like... the Crossover from Heaven! Some kind of Fundie Summer Blockbuster! I never seen such amount of Stupid!

[laughs hard, swipes tears, laughs harder]

9/30/2006 8:43:14 PM


Yes. Science assumes that there will be no divine intervention when it makes predictions.

9/30/2006 9:01:49 PM


Can't we like, actually see this happening with other stars of comparable mass to the sun? Like, all the time?

9/30/2006 9:28:21 PM


When matter in our universe was left in a physical only state, decay, and etc happened, as it now does. Some of the stars were so affected by the change, they exploded, apparently. As we can see, most are alright, and there is no billions of years in this temporary state for all that many more to explode, fade, fall, or whatever! About a third, tops! Most, then, will be with us forever in the coming new universe, or 'new heavens' -Always, and that is in perfect agreement with all the evidence we see, as well as the bible.\"

Hahaha, wtf? Stars are burning out because they're decaying? When Jesus comes back all the stars will just exist forever somehow? Does this ignorant buffoon think that stars are really just points of light?

9/30/2006 9:37:48 PM


I think that would entail me being able to tell the furture.

9/30/2006 10:42:14 PM


Can you prove that all the water on the planet won't turn into chocolate pudding in five minutes? If not you'd better get your bowl!

9/30/2006 10:52:48 PM


Ilove how people who take the bible for straight up fact try to force everybody else to prove everything.

The stupid created by dad and johnr7 alone could refuel the sun for another billion years.

10/2/2006 6:19:27 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Physics wasn't your major, was it?

9/8/2012 11:33:08 AM


There's this "dad" on the thread. Y'all need to blam that guy, he keeps saying that Revelation has to be true because science doesn't predict physics randomly changing in the future.

7/28/2013 12:53:50 PM

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