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[To another poster who was arguing sex before marriage isn't wrong]You want a wife who has it open like a 7-11. Not only that you want everyone else to whore it up so you can feel better about yourself. And we wonder why divorce is up? You give std's a bad name!

hayden, POD Warrior Forum 16 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Great example of the madonna-whore complex. Psst - life isn't that black and white, hayden. Women aren't either pure, innocent virgins or syphilitic sluts.

2/22/2007 8:47:05 PM


thats sex BEFORE marriage that is fine, no atheists say that cheating is ok

2/23/2007 10:16:55 AM


And we wonder why divorce is up?

Erm aren't divorces higher amoung religious people? Isn't that what comes from not figuring out if you work on a sexual level with someone before you promise to spend your life together.

2/23/2007 10:19:53 AM


OK, but don't drink the squishees!

2/23/2007 10:59:09 AM

STDs are the reason why sex before marriage was taboo(or so I thought)

10/3/2007 8:11:25 AM


Yeah, I was all for STDs before people stopped being sexually maladjusted morons. Where will the atheists end? The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if even the reputation of genocide will be tarnished.

10/3/2007 1:05:54 PM


Divorce rates are highest in the Bible Belt. Here's your pipe.

10/3/2007 3:27:45 PM

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10/3/2007 3:38:42 PM


And you, Hayden, are jealous.

10/9/2007 7:32:13 AM

Caustic Gnostic

I wish you could decide which slippery slope to hurtle down. Trying to watch this is making me dizzy.

10/9/2007 8:21:51 AM

2007-Feb-23 10:16 AM

"thats sex BEFORE marriage that is fine, no atheists say that cheating is ok "

Well, im sure you can find some atheists that say cheating is ok... but it's not because they're atheists.

6/4/2008 1:01:28 AM


Actually no, the poster doesn't want everyone to whore it up so he feels better about himself. He wants everyone to whore it up because it's fun.

And Hayden, thanks, but I'm still not aroused.

6/4/2008 1:58:03 AM


What the fuck? Sex before marriage doesn't mean have sex to say hello.

3/10/2009 3:49:44 PM

Yay, strawman!

5/28/2012 8:48:56 PM


Don't STDs do that on their own?

I don't think the other person meant sex with anyone anywhere at any time, stupid. Having sex with your intended spouse before marriage is probably what he meant. Which is a good thing to do; what if you are not compatible in bed? What if you like completely different things? What if he's just in-out-snore and she wants long foreplays and romantic talks afterwards? Or the other way around...

He probably don't want everyone else to do anything, everyone should be free to behave like he or she wants to, as long as it doesn't hurt other people. No-one else should decide when you are to have sex.

5/28/2012 10:05:31 PM


Fallacy of the excluded middle, anyone?

9/8/2012 11:27:10 PM

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