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Were you there? How do you know that King James' scholars were not inspired by God during their translation? Someone had to put it in english. Otherwise we wouldn't have an account now would we?

Badfish, Christian Forums 14 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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And what a tragedy that would be... 9_9

1/4/2008 11:41:50 PM

Sigmund Freud

You might have to learn Greek or something.

1/4/2008 11:46:25 PM


Whoever said they couldn't have learned the languages on their own? And what of everyone else who translated the Bible into English before the KJV translators?

What a maroon.

10/25/2008 8:44:11 PM


You'd have the latin bibles the Catholics used, you fucking splitter.

10/25/2008 10:04:51 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Who's to say Badfish isn't stark, raving, batshit nuts?

10/25/2008 11:20:12 PM


Didn't the KJV translators openly admit they weren't necessarily correct? and isn't that confession STILL IN THE GODDAMN BIBLE?

6/24/2010 12:51:02 AM


It was edited for content by order of King James, so he could get a divorce, you nitwit.

6/24/2010 1:41:15 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Well, you could learn Hebrew and Greek.

6/24/2010 3:04:30 AM

David B.

"How do you know that King James' scholars were not inspired by God during their translation?"

Yup, they very well could have been.

Of course that would also mean God had the concentration of a goldfish with ADD and was happy to turn out the kind of badly put together, ill-fitting end product a cowboy builder would wince at. The average 12 book fantasy epic has better continuity than the bible, which contradicts itself within the first two chapters.

6/24/2010 4:20:03 AM

Fawful has seen God has a vagina on top of his penis.

Ah, yes. The typical argument of "were you there?".

Were you there when the Sea of Reeds (NOT Red Sea, because its a mistranslation) opened up?

Were you there when Noah made a fucking boat and made all the animals go inside?

Were you there when Adam and Eve were created?

You see, that very same argument you guys use against "Evolutionists" can be applied to you.

P.S. If there is F.S.T.D.T., would there be an Atheists/liberals Say the Darnest Things or a similar webpage?

7/14/2010 10:53:15 AM


I don't know that much about English translations of the Bible, but was KJV really the first translation? The first known Swedish one was from the middle of the 14th century, some 300 year before the KJV.

7/14/2010 11:05:46 AM


@Swede: Somebody named Tyndale translated the Bible into English about 100 years before the KJV, he got in trouble for it. the KJV is based heavily on his translation IIRC.

7/14/2010 11:16:54 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Yeah. We need to assume that people were inspired by God BY DEFAULT! Until we find evidence otherwise!

Which is why I believe that the Twilight series is the Word of God.

7/14/2010 5:35:25 PM


Yes, I was there.

9/11/2012 12:48:05 AM

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