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After reading up on the indoctrination of evolution (as well as the sex ed thing) I've decided not to enroll my children in public school. I'm caught between homeschooling and private Christian schooling though I'd have to be careful. Even the church nowadays is compromising and letting in evolution and millions of years.

InspiredHome, Christian Forums 8 Comments [7/18/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Thank God for that! Parents like this can be real nightmare. I had a parent come to a conference with a gigantic lace and paisley covered preaching bible two years ago. (We talked about early humans in social studies.) Lots of finger waving, 'y'all teachers' garbage with head movements, and telling me that her daughter didn't have to listen or behave in my class. Really, they're better off homeschooling or going to private school. I want them to go.

7/20/2005 4:59:42 AM


It's good and bad, LeSigh. Yeah, the sane people don't have to deal with them in class anymore, but I feel sorry for the kids who are getting their edumacation from the worst possible teacher - one who knows not and knows not that he (or she) knows not.

7/21/2005 2:12:35 AM


Homeschooling isn't just for religious fanatics. If you've got the time as a stay-at-home-parent, you can give it a try for a number of non-religious reasons.

Quite a few do better because of the individual attention they can't get in public school. However, it requires a lot of dedication and a community who wants to do it also.

Of course, this also says something about the parents who homeschool because of a lack of attention. :)

7/21/2005 6:07:47 PM


Unfortunately, I've only met two former homeschoolers who had parents that did it right. The rest...Let's just say they were unschooled during that time. I'm all for what is best for individual children, epsecially if the parents can manage it. Good homeschool situations do exist, it's just unfortunate that it's not the norm that I've encountered. But, there's also multiple problems with public education as well. NCLB is definitely NOT helping.

You're right. I do feel sorry for them, but when they're getting messages from home that it's not important or that learning doesn't matter, then you never know if you're actually getting through to them. It seems that there are no easy solutions.

7/21/2005 9:31:49 PM


Keep em ignorant.

6/1/2008 3:30:12 AM

Tiny Jeebus

I would like to voice my overwhelming support for homeschooling. The future will, after all, still need janitors, ditch diggers, and sanitation workers.

5/22/2009 1:43:08 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"Facts are stupid things."
~Ronald Reagan

9/6/2011 9:52:37 AM


Yep- we just got to the evolution part of the core content curriculum this week. Even some of my religious students said that it was good for them to know about it.

9/7/2011 3:51:17 PM

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