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[Replying Darwin quote 'And this is a damnable doctrine....']

Wow, did he even see the irony of that statement? Damnable to where? It seems a funny choice of words after arguing essentially that hell can't exist. What an argument! Hell can't exist because Charles darwin doesn't want it to. Still, that is a prime example of how evolution kills the faith of those seeking the truth of the bible. Imagine what a different world it would be if Chuck decided to turn to a church for his understanding of the bible instead of atheistic scientists.

twincrier, The Narrow Way 7 Comments [7/19/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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No further questions, your Honor. The prosecution rests.

7/25/2005 1:15:57 AM

Darwin was not an atheist. Moron.

4/1/2011 1:52:42 PM

The Duelist

"Imagine what a different world it would be if Chuck decided to turn to a church for his understanding of the bible instead of atheistic scientists."

A much more ignorant world, just the way fundy fuckwits like yourself prefer it.

4/1/2011 5:59:29 PM


Darwin was Christian and hardly the first one to critisize church doctrine or the Bible. His book was held up because he knew some would object to the very notion of his theory, he spent years trying to soften the blow.

He wasn't a fundie, most learned people didn't take the Bible literally even back then. Even Newtons belief in Bible code implies he didn't believe actual Bible verses were literal but were coded contructs to another meaning.

4/2/2011 6:29:42 AM


Did Darwin ever even claim that hell doesn't exist?

10/18/2013 6:32:21 AM


It's a saying. Just like you talk about fate but don't believe in the Fates.

10/18/2013 7:37:41 AM


Darwin was a Christian. The only ones who actually use the argument that gods/hell/heaven/etc can't exist if evolution is true, are fundies. The rest of us manage to either disregard religion regardless of evolution, or combine the two just fine. It will only kill the faith of Bible literalists. If Chuck hadn't written his book, someone else would have written a book of their own. He was far from the only one thinking along those lines, he was just the first to get published. At his time, there weren't nearly atheists enough to fill the scientific labs, most of them were Christians or deists, and quite a few began their academic career with studies in theology.

So, the world would have been very similar, you'd just have berated Thomas Huxley, s Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Lyell or any of the others who found evolution to be sensible.

10/18/2013 7:59:40 AM

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