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Who would spend money establishing websites only for the purpose of dicrediting others? Perhaps those whose cover ups are threatened, or who aim to keep knowledge from people for purposes of control or for advantage of a head start in new tech.

Most americans don't have extra cash sitting around to start sites with. To be sure, IF there is a Planet X coming to shake the powers of the heavens (Luke 21:26), govs will do anything to keep it secret, including lie, character assassinate, and kill.

I noticed that site debunks Planet X. Links I've checked claiming to have coordinates for Planet X are unaccessable when I try them. Dr Harrington verified the existence of Planet X on the tv show "In Search Of"/Ultimate Disaster, hosted by Leonard Nimoy, in 1973! DR Harrington died untimely (unless you're with the cover up), and he was at the time with the US Naval Observatory. I'm not saying I can offer other proof, but here's sites related anyhow; and and

John16:2, Christian Forums 2 Comments [7/23/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Well, if it was on \"In Search Of\" it MUST be true.


7/23/2005 5:50:04 PM


Who would spend money on websites for the purpose of discrediting others? Perhaps those who don't want people to fall for the others' scams, or those who think gullibility harms society ...

7/23/2005 6:36:18 PM