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why would God not use Ouija Boards to spread His word? A friend of mine once asked it if God was real and He was Jesus. It literally flew to "Yes" and now she is a Born-Again Christian (not nessessarily just for that reason, but I know it helped) . I don't see how that is Satanic or occultic.

Marut, Christian Forums 13 Comments [7/24/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Now that's something I haven't seen ... a fundie *defending* Ouija as real but non-demonic.

7/25/2005 2:00:46 AM


It is not significant if she was touching the pointer and could see the board.

4/23/2006 4:24:09 PM


Because god is the author of all evil.

And he hates you too.

12/15/2006 1:47:56 PM

Jake Steel

eh... makes as much sense as anything else about the silly things.

4/1/2008 2:28:13 AM


Hell, this is downright enlightened, considering the source.

4/1/2008 3:02:19 AM

Philbert McAdamia

(not nessessarily just for that reason, but I know it helped) .

Speaking of help - an ever so slight nudge of the platen, just to get it started, you see, might not hurt any.

4/1/2008 3:12:52 AM

Jesus H Christ

The movement of the planchette on a ouija board can be explained by the "ideomotor effect," where a subject can make unconscious motions.


But then again, people who believe in God can believe in anything.

4/1/2008 4:43:42 AM


So you fail to see that the true master's of the universe were fucking with your extraodinarily tiny intellect?

4/1/2008 4:47:24 AM


this must be dry troll humor.

4/1/2008 5:11:03 PM


I really would like to know how the author would have commented if the answer had been "No".

8/4/2008 4:50:06 PM

Dude, keep your hands off the board while your friend is playing with it. Look what you've done to her life.

8/5/2008 5:49:33 PM


zuesdamnit, it's Hades fucking around with the ouija boards again. again he has led gullible morons astray of the Truth of Olympus.

9/26/2012 10:42:23 AM

Ouija boards are good at detecting only one thing: credulity

3/28/2013 6:44:39 PM

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