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[Discussing Gitmo Hunger Strike]

[MrMannn writes 'Not all muslims are terrorists. But all terrorists are muslim.']

[Smile replies 'Well, except for Eric Robert Rudolph, the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, the Anthrax mailer, . . .']

Smile, all the terrorists who blew up the twin towers, sabotaged and blew up part of the World Trade Center and blow up people are Muslim.
Those two you pointed out were Americans who had mental problems.

Becky, Rapture Ready 33 Comments [7/25/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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I'm sure they were secretly arab muslims.

7/25/2005 11:39:57 PM


And what's to stop the others from being Muslims with mental problems, pray tell?

7/26/2005 12:13:31 AM


1) Of course, there is clearly no such thing as a person who is both American & Muslim...

2) Becky his poor math skills. Smile mentioned four people. Becky described them as \"those two.\"

7/26/2005 7:25:28 AM


And let's just not mention that one of the \"Americans with mental problems\" blew up a federal building, and even survived. Unlike suicide bombers, he could've struck more than once.

7/26/2005 3:27:48 PM

Jesse Custer

In reply to #491:

You mistakenly attributed poor math skills to the moron. I think he can probably count to four ... the problem is more a lack of awareness of the world around him.

He believed that Eric Rob't Rudolph WAS the Unabomber, and that Timothy McVeigh WAS the anthrax mailer.

I blame the school system.

*rolls eyes*

8/30/2005 9:03:10 PM


Religion IS a mental disorder.

12/15/2006 12:59:48 PM


So let's move on to the Christian terrorists:
Army of God
God's Army-A terrorist group in Myanmar.
Lord's Resistance Army -Christian/Pagan/Muslim terrorist group that operates in northern Uganda, it seeks to overthrow the Ugandan government and create a country based on the ten commandments.
Nagaland Rebels (1947-present)- Active in predominantly Christian state in Hindu majority India. Involved in several bombings in 2004. Goal: Independence from India after annexing parts of neighboring Indian states and Burma if it has Christian majority.
National Liberation Front of Tripura (1989-present)- A group that seeks the independence of Tripura from India to create a Christian Tripura.
KKK is a fraternal organizations in the United States that have advocated white supremacy, anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Catholicism, homophobia, and nativism.
Phineas Priesthood- An American based Christian Identity movement.
(From Wikipedia)
And that's one category out of many, many more.

2/7/2007 12:11:39 AM


So not only is she dodging the point, she thinks 4=2.


2/7/2007 12:50:32 AM


Becky, stick your dumb ass nose in a Dictionary and look up \"terrorist.\"

2/7/2007 1:36:37 AM


I think A.
A is demonstrably untrue, see, B, C, D and E.
No...still A!

2/7/2007 4:48:40 PM


Mental problems like an inability to count?

2/12/2008 6:37:27 AM


apologist for Jesus

2/12/2008 7:32:57 AM

Of course, when the terrorists are white, all-American boys, they're "misguided" and "suffering from mental illness." When the terrorists are darker-skinned and speak in foreign accents, they're "hateful devils" and "godless unbelievers." Get a clue, Becky, why don't you?

2/13/2008 12:36:13 AM


I don't think you understand what the word "Terrorist" means.

4/14/2009 7:42:55 AM


All terrorists are religious.

Anyone with the power to make you believe absurdities also has the power to make you commit atrocities.

Islam is not the problem. The problem is religion.

4/14/2009 7:44:55 AM

David B.

"Those two you pointed out were Americans who had mental problems."

So, by your own logic...

Not all Americans have mental problems. But all people with mental problems are American. Right?

I mean, if you can identify two common factors between two individuals or groups like (Muslim, terrorist) or (American, mental problem), then you can immediately reject any idea that they are independent variables and confidently assert that they always appear together. Because otherwise your whole argument would be just so much s**t!

4/14/2009 8:25:25 AM

Norse Pagan

All the terrorists who blow up people are Muslim? Yeah, right! Baader-Meinhof, IRA, ETA, Aum shinrikyo, Jacobines during the French Revolution, Contras, the Inquisition. There are LOTS of non-Muslim terrorists.

If you can blow up people, you have mental problems, it's as easy as that.

4/14/2009 8:44:03 AM

Table Rock

Let me guess, you call the rest of them freedom fighters.

4/14/2009 2:53:04 PM

Your mind is so far divorced from logic :(

10/27/2010 1:57:09 PM


Sure, defend the guilty when they happen to be Americans, but any hint of Arab or Muslim, and it's time to shanghai them and feed them to the sharks. Shit-eating fuckwad.

10/27/2010 5:54:43 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Becky has mental problems.

10/27/2010 6:06:39 PM

Because, you know, those Muslims couldn't have issues, eh?, non-true-American?

2/27/2011 5:06:15 AM


Christian terrorists do exist (Ireland conflict) and do have mental problems, believing in a supernatural outside force is a mental problem.

The 911 terrorists were dedicated to a God too. Oddly enough the Abrahamic one, yours

2/27/2011 11:20:52 AM


Religion is a mental problem, so I guess you're right, if not for the reasons that you think.

2/28/2011 3:08:29 AM


If you can blow people up, you have mental problems. That is all.

2/28/2011 7:33:31 AM

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