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God told me:

<p>On October 29th, 2004 Osama Bin Laden will be captured.


<p>Osama Bin Laden was captured on the news, TV sets and minds on October 29th, 2004 when he released the first tape in 2 years!! I now know what God meant!! He was right!! GLORY!! GOD HAS SPOKEN!!

1inChrist, JREF Forums 23 Comments [5/22/2005 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 9

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The thread was insane. I had to take a break between pages to stop laughing.

I'm sure that 1inChrist converts many people. I'm just not sure if it's to his version of Christianity.

6/2/2005 8:54:27 AM


Osama wasn't caught; he was just released from RNC headquarters

12/16/2005 5:59:43 AM


Please tell me this guy's joking. Seriously. You couldn't find a better example of shoehorning if you looked it up in the Skeptic's Dictionary.

12/16/2005 6:57:49 AM


News to me.
Somebody better tell America, they can stop looking now, he was captured more than a year ago.

3/16/2006 10:22:05 AM


That's right kiddies - video steals your soul!

3/16/2006 11:58:37 AM


Okay your 15 seconds of Internet fame are up. Go back to living your pathetic life, the grown ups are talking.

12/19/2006 2:45:53 AM

The Jamo

Good for you. Now tell your god to shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to listen to his rubbish any more.

1/24/2007 4:32:55 AM


Shoehorning for the win.

2/24/2007 12:21:06 AM

Matty The Red

2/24/2007 1:56:50 AM


oh, now, c'mon....

2/26/2007 6:02:02 PM


Assuming that was what your, uh, prophesy meant...that's the most useless prophesy ever.

2/26/2007 8:40:59 PM


You're stupid!

2/27/2007 12:35:34 AM


Then we found him again and shot him. Wooo

7/7/2011 11:46:15 AM


i call bullshit

7/7/2011 11:50:03 AM

God was wrong, bitch.

7/7/2011 1:16:39 PM


It's easy to assign a present event to a past date and then say it's a prophecy. I wonder how much of the Bible prophecies were written after the events to make them look real and impressive.

7/7/2011 3:44:06 PM


Wow, talk about manipulating history to work with your insanity.

7/14/2011 3:13:56 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Does Nurse Ratched know you are in the infirmary?

3/24/2012 2:57:30 AM


But we killed him in 2011! He was hiding in Pakistan!

4/10/2012 4:17:29 PM

The Duelist

I dig that 'Laundry' reference, QM...

4/10/2012 4:26:06 PM

Blue the Thief

Lol wut? This makes less then no sense.

4/10/2012 4:35:56 PM


My eyes rolled so hard I think I got whiplash.

4/10/2012 6:25:23 PM



7/27/2012 6:59:31 PM

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