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Something worthy of note though, is that many of the really deep quantum physicists are becoming deists, because they're finding more and more proof that there had to be an intelligence behind the universe.

It all depends on what part of quantum physics you delve into though - much of it's entirely conjectural, as far as I know... but then it goes over my head most of the time too.

AlexR, Bibleforums.org 6 Comments [7/26/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Well at least he admits it goes over his head.

7/26/2005 11:26:44 PM


What? Someone who believes in demons adn unicorns finds something factual going over their heads? Fascinating.

12/15/2006 12:44:46 PM


Erm how does the nature of the Universe prove there has to be an intelligence. Please don't belittle us scientists - most of the quantum theorists that I have met (and I've met quite a few) don't see quantum physics as proof of God. The more they delve into the more questions they have to ask and no modern scientist worth their salt would ever say \"That's the work of God that is...\"

12/15/2006 12:52:58 PM


A "deist" isn't a believer in an almighty God, a deist is one who believes God exists, but can only watch, not interfere.

5/22/2010 10:02:41 PM


Combination of "citation needed" and "I do not think that means what you think it means."

5/22/2010 10:44:18 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Bull fucking shit.

9/5/2012 11:10:14 AM