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[This is a Scientologist replying a post on treating mental illness with prescription drugs.]

You want to know something better then [prescription] drugs?

Try to go outside for atleast 2 hours a day and get a bit of exercise and go out and try to make yourself a better person I guarantee if more people GOT OUTSIDE an exercised and did something other then sitting around THEY WOULD GET BETTER THEN SITTING AROUND ON DRUGS END OF THE DISCUSSION

GO OUTSIDE EXERCISE TALK TO FRIENDS hell take vitamins EAT healthy and you will get better people go nuts because they stop exercising they stop interacting with other ppl and medicine is never going to fix this EVER only you can vitamins can really keep your body and mind in shape you don't need drugs NOBODY does

And NO You aren't better becuz of taking drugs

seriously GO OUTSIDE take a walk ride a bike for about 2 hours outside in the sun YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTEr then being on drugs trust me on this nothing can dispute it and you seriously need to get off you're drugs if you're still on them they are wrecking you're life not helpin it

protossx, Operation Clamback Message Board 24 Comments [7/26/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Damn, that makes so much sense. Obviously everyone with mental problems is fat, lazy, and friendless, why didn't we all make the connection before?!

7/26/2005 11:30:22 PM


Americans for example are wildly overweight and unhealthy. We do need more exercise and to eat better. Unfortunately that isn't the answer to everything. Some people do benefit from prescriptions. I know I sure do.

12/15/2006 12:42:02 PM


Has this guy ever suffered from depression? I'm guessing not. I can't really put this gently, so...

fuck off.
and die in a fire.

12/15/2006 2:29:20 PM

David D.G.

This is just insultingly simplistic. While improving diet and exercise levels does provide some emotionally helpful endorphin production, it really is not nearly enough for most of those people suffering from true clinical depression. Besides, the nature of the affliction tends to short-circuit most people's ability to even get started on such activities.

Insisting that vitamins and exercise are all they need is like saying that someone with cancer will be just fine if he simply changes his wardrobe.

~David D.G.

12/15/2006 4:14:07 PM


i really hope this person end up getting prescribed pills

2/10/2007 3:40:34 AM


While it is true that exercise and social contact is beneficial to depression and other psychological conditions, it is certainly not a cure. Rather it is ancillary to treatment, as anyone who has ever suffered bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depression, or schizoaffective disorder will tell you.

2/10/2007 4:34:36 AM


I have a nifty device. It removes the batshit-crazy from passages of text and leaves just what's worth keeping. I keep it on a shelf next to my BS Filter.

This is what came out:

\"Depression and social anxiety disorder can have environmental causes. In such cases, drugs are only intended to treat the symptoms so you can function normally while repairing the conditions that put your life in a depressive state. The original point was to wean you off of them once your house was in order. In recent years, the effort to reorder your life has been de-emphasized and the drugs become a permanent patch on the problem.

Get out, spend time with other people, take control of your life, and yes, eat better and exercise. Specifically, get exercise and improve your diet to power that exertion.\"

Some chunks of Batshit Crazy are too large for the device to process. I had to reach into the hopper to manually remove \"END OF THE DISCUSSION\" and a sort of clog in the feed caused by insufficient punctuation.

2/10/2007 4:58:55 AM


You've never had to deal with mental illness before, have you?

2/10/2007 9:25:40 AM


And yet, the mentally disabled homeless population is outside all the time. Maybe they just aren't taking their vitamins.

4/24/2008 5:28:45 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Damn, take a chill pill. And here's some punctuation for you; FREE!


Reading that allonesentencestuff makes me feel out of breath. *whew*

4/24/2008 5:33:29 PM


Can someone please explain to me how vitamins don't qualify as drugs? Plant extracts or synthesised chemicals that influence the body? Those are fucking drugs!

4/24/2008 5:56:23 PM


Plenty of people who suffer from mental disorders excersize, ever heard of eating disorders?

4/24/2008 6:13:23 PM


It's not really fundy, mental problems should be solved by combining both medicine and a healthy outlook. Although his suggestions don't work with every case

4/24/2008 6:15:32 PM


Sheer stupidity and downplaying the nature of mental problems? Definately Fundie. Just because he's not rannting that demons are the cause of it, it doesn't make it not Fundie.

Although I gotta wonder what the fact that he's scientologist has to do with anything. Perhaps an FYI so that we don't start making comments about Christianity and the Bible?

4/24/2008 7:12:11 PM


Exercising and taking vitamins is what Scientology recommends for curing mental illness.


4/24/2008 7:23:25 PM


very insightful, as usual (and just so typically you)

9/9/2008 8:35:58 PM

dr y

What a fucking idiot.

11/1/2009 2:31:40 PM


It turns the capslock off or else it gets the hose again.

I think that he does have a point. A lot of things can be -lessened- by diet and exercise and a lot of problems can be caused by environmental stress. However, that's all they can do. If you're suffering from mood disorders, hormonal/chemical imbalances, or if your condition impedes with your ability to function, drugs are a -good- thing, especially when combined with proper diet and exercise.

11/14/2009 8:41:39 AM


If it's for mental illness then the drugs are conteracting a chemical inbalance. That's why phychiratrists are only legit if they have medical training, so they can recognize physical ailments that affect the mind and prescribe medication or refer patients to medical help. Diet and exercise might be the answer in some of those cases too

If your physically weak and have no energy, the goofball Scientologist has a point (never thought I'd say that)

11/14/2009 11:34:58 AM

A. Square

One of those anti psychiatry Scientologists, huh? Well I take psychiatric medicine and it works pretty good. They're not for depression, but they still work. So there.

1/26/2015 12:13:15 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Don't Forget "give all your money to and let yourself be brainwashed by our organised crime and bad Sci-Fi novel society!"

9/15/2016 8:24:14 PM


Vitamin pills are drugs. Too much of them will poison your body.

I seriously doubt that my epilepsy would get better from me being more outside. I do take the bike to work almost every day, all year around (I have studded tires for winter condition roads), and I do a bit of gardening now and then. But I still get seizures if I stop taking my medication. (Sorry, missed the part about mental illness.)

You seem to be high on caffeine or something, dearie. Calm down, take a deep breath, then proof read your text and put in a couple of punctuation marks here and there.

9/16/2016 2:47:26 AM



Better look up that word in your L. Ron Hubbard-approved dictionary.

Because if you were beyond Pre-Clear, you'd know that if you didn't understand a word, you are supposed to consult that dictionary until you do.

You are just a faux-$cientologist; not even a 'Squirrel'. Even a child new to 'Study Tech' in Applied Scholastics courses would know that it's spelled 'because'.

Seems I'm an OT-IX compared to you, prat. And David Miss Cabbage himself is only an OT-VIII, as is Tom Cruise Control: and even a Pre-Clear would regard me as an SP.

(*Dresses in Sea Org uniform; puts on metaphorical Ethics 'Hat'. Gets out E-Meter*)

...have you been Sec-Checked today? >:D

9/16/2016 7:44:25 AM


And while they're outside walking around, maybe you'd like to take a Remedial English course.

9/16/2016 2:26:15 PM

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