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The pagan life is destructive. My sister in law is a witch. She raised her daughter in that belief. Both their lives are pure chaos. None of their spells appear to be working. None of their wishes have been granted by the Goddess. I'll stick with Jesus Christ. He does answer my prayer. The things I needed to have out of my life are now gone. With God's blessing, they are gone forever. I'm not shure if there are laws against wicca in this state. If there are, then so be it.

Harlan Norris, Christian Forums 16 Comments [7/28/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Although there are toxic wicca, there are just as many toxic Christians. Of course, I should know by now that a toxic Christian is a myth started by the leftist Illuminati.

7/29/2005 3:27:18 AM


I did wonder if the things gone from his life are his relationship with his Sister in law and his niece! ;)

7/29/2005 1:09:04 PM

Hellbound Alleee

Dumb, dumb, dumb. She thinks that there are laws against Wicca \"in this state?\" What kind of school did she go to? I guess a school where they taught her to spell \"shure.\"

Public school.

7/29/2005 5:03:58 PM


Just like the ones that Harlan wants her kids out of?

7/29/2005 9:00:43 PM


How do you know your prayers weren't really answered by your sister in law?

12/15/2006 11:53:22 AM


Being Pagan, I have to say it was the best choice in my life since I am now happier, no longer fear Hell and all else. Fundies are in all forms, and are always dangerous, Funday Pagans are just as bad as Fundy Christians or Secular Fundies.

3/18/2007 9:41:56 PM


So your spells worked while hers didn't?

6/25/2009 7:52:34 AM


I'm quite happy being a Pagan. I don't fear being struck by lightning, and can't wait to be with the Goddess in Summerland.

5/29/2010 4:53:20 AM


Aaand it never occurred to you that she is a bad person with or without beliefs?

5/29/2010 7:40:47 AM

Allegory for Jesus

This is how you choose your religion the right way: by which one's magic is most effective! Granted, the correct answer is "wow, these religions are all bullshit!" but at least you were on the right track.

10/2/2010 6:38:47 PM


I'm sure plenty of poeple have prayed for cancer to disapear. Has it? NO.

5/29/2011 11:39:52 AM


First Amendment, BITCH!

12/7/2012 5:58:49 PM


There is a reason her spells don't work, and the goddesses aren't answering her wishes. It's quite simple: THERE ARE NO GODS/GODDESSES.

Not even yours.

I have prayed to Jesus (and had faith, of course), and nothing has ever happened. No matter what I prayed for, whether it was for me, or for someone else; whether it was selfish, or selfless; whether it was a need, or a want.

12/7/2012 8:32:30 PM

Crimson Lizard

No gods or goddesses, eh?
Well, you guys just go right on believing that...

5/27/2015 12:20:59 PM


"The pagan life is destructive.”

Spuki and Kitty would disagree. They’re better people (nay, GODS) than you’ll ever be.

5/28/2015 9:32:56 AM

The religious life is destructive. My sister in law is a christian. She raised her daughter in that belief. Both their lives are pure chaos. None of their prayers appear to be working. None of their prayers have been granted by Jeebus. I'll stick with The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Spaghetti, beer, and hookers are real.

5/28/2015 12:42:48 PM

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