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Is it me or has anyone else noticed, at least for what I can say of Charmed [a primetime drama about three witches], that there is actually a pull to stay watching that program, I kid you not, I've noticed this several times, while I have caught segments of their shows, I began to sense a real supernatual power that is drawing even me to watch!

I think there really is some hidden demonic power behind the show, that was never intened of its producer and that a force is helping generate deception as in the kids not wanting Christianity, but wanting witchcraft from watchign shows like Charmed, Buffy, Angel.

TonyM, Rapture Ready 19 Comments [7/29/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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I dunno, maybe I'm holy because whenever I saw those shows I couldn't resist changing the channel. Maybe it's the demonic power of SUCK.

7/30/2005 2:59:59 AM


There is only one power that keeps me from changing channels when Charmed is on.

Rose McGowen. Yuuuuummmm. :)

7/30/2005 10:32:48 AM


I've gotten the same \"pull\" from quite a few movies, books ... not so much TV shows, but the idea's the same. It's generally called \"suspense\" or \"entertainment\".

8/2/2005 9:26:49 PM


It's because you haven't weened yourself off of the television tit. You have nothing else in your pathetic life so you waste time watching TV. I know many people like you who are completely compelled to watch a show, no matter how stupid it is. Now it's made you stupid too.

12/15/2006 11:50:07 AM


So every good RTS with that \"just one more turn\" feel is demonic now?

2/3/2007 5:03:41 PM


Well at least it stopped him from being a danger to himself and others for an hour.

2/3/2007 5:08:09 PM


Personally I thought it was because the show is just a vehicle to show off Alyssa Milano's breasts..... not always a bad thing

3/28/2007 1:27:59 PM

Man Called True

You know, my mother likes all of the shows he named. My father and I couldn't care less.

Perhaps the pull he's referring to only affects middle-aged women.

3/28/2007 2:24:06 PM


Perhaps the pull you feel comes from a good script...good acting...nice cleavage...?

3/28/2007 2:42:46 PM


I just think you are lusting after Rose, Alyssa and Sarah Michelle. Not a huge mystery Tony. And definitely not supernatural.

3/28/2007 3:02:17 PM


\"kids not wanting Christianity\"

No, the christians are doing a fine job without Hollywood.

3/28/2007 3:20:35 PM


Tony, I think you have just discovered the power of breasts.

3/29/2007 8:29:28 PM


It's called entertainment my friend something you fundies are not often exposed to.

3/29/2007 8:36:07 PM

a well known dangerous villain

finding something entertaining meanz yu is POSSESSED!!!

Go away now.

6/24/2009 9:56:09 AM


Three sexy girl fighting demons and teaching kids some deep things about love, trust and family during breaks. I guess that you could define that as demonic.

6/24/2009 10:04:12 AM


Maybe... you simply enjoy the show?

3/12/2012 10:09:23 AM

charmed , usually 6 breasts in any show
buffy , also 6 breasts (buffy, demon girl and witch)

It looks like a hit show aimed at teenage guys would have 6 bouncy breasts in each episode.

3/13/2012 8:45:34 PM


Tony, buddy, that "pull" is nothing supernatural or demonic (by the way, the two are NOT one and the same)...it's just called entertainment. It's the same reason people may watch Man Vs Wild, Animal Planet, House, Dr. Who, Star Trek, etc.

11/7/2012 1:14:05 PM

Felix Wilde

Seeing as Charmed is mindless entertainment, and you are mindless, I would guess that pull is you enjoying the show. Christian fiction is rarely if ever entertaining, so it would be a new experience for you.

@Khaine: Sure you're not thinking of Alyssa Milano and that demon lawyer guy she was with?

@Oyvind: RTSs have turns now? Sure that's not a TBS?

@Matt: Yes.

@Puck: One out of three, maybe.

Charmed is not like Buffy. Buffy would be like Charmed if not for the good writing, witty dialogue, subtext, subversive tone and overall non-suckage.

I enjoy seeing Alyssa Milano dressed up as a nymph/mermaid/whatever scanitly-clad myth as much as the next person, but it's not enough to get me to watch the show frequently. Buffy is much more entertaining. And don't forget, Buffy also has lesbian witches, so that's even more 'pull'/demonic content.

11/7/2012 7:52:31 PM

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