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I see no reason why white children should have to be raised by a black family. Black people have a different culture. They have “black” hair cuts (because their hair grows in different patterns from that of white people,) they talk “black,” they walk “black,” and they think “black.”

Sambo83, BlizzForums 3 Comments [1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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I agree, Yahweh. Kudos on the idea.

8/8/2005 9:17:29 PM


Well, if the colour of the skin is so determinant, why are you so afraid that they behave like whites and reach social desirable positions in society? lots of families adopt a dog and nothing of the sort has happened.

8/14/2006 6:56:21 PM

Fisk Black

Fuck you.

4/4/2011 7:44:31 PM

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