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GOD doesn’t lie. Bias people lie. GOD provided us with evidence for a young Earth. He didn’t provide us any evidence for an old Earth. It’s just that many people don’t want to accept that evidence because it contradicts their religion (evolution).

Bettawrekonize, CreationTalk 13 Comments [1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Cosmic. Background. Radiation.

2/23/2007 4:22:01 PM

TB Tabby

I get the feeling \"Bettawrekonize\" Just took an argument against YEC and switched the terms. Because there's MOUNTAINS of evidence for an old Earth, and Creationists are denying it because it contradicts their religion. Also, EVOLUTION IS *NOT* A RELIGION!

2/23/2007 4:24:34 PM

Doctor Whom

At the same time, God provided evidence for an old earth just to test our faith.

2/23/2007 4:49:30 PM


\"religion (evolution)\"

Stink bait?

2/23/2007 7:31:38 PM


Scratch that; reverse it.

2/24/2007 4:48:51 AM


2 Thessalonians 2:11-12, 1 Kings 22:23, 2 Chronicles 18:22, Jeremiah 20:7, Ezekiel 14:9...

2/24/2007 5:00:55 AM

Blue Lithium

GOD doesn’t lie. Bias people lie.

Biased people WROTE THE BIBLE!

2/24/2007 11:40:57 AM


God might not lie, but his creation sure is lying about it's age

11/3/2011 8:21:55 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"GOD doesn’t lie."

No shit?
Doesn't even exist.

7/25/2012 5:37:01 AM

continental drift and the formation of the mountains of the Himalayas ? (spelling?)

7/25/2012 2:36:45 PM


Way to project there, dude.

7/25/2012 3:27:23 PM


Anyone who contends that evolution is a religion should be beaten to death with a copy of "The Origin Of Species".

7/26/2012 7:35:36 PM


Bias people? Like the ones who wrote the bible?

6/5/2015 1:43:19 PM

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