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[Replying to 'Do we need to reject geology and archeology as well because of the snares of Satan?']Yep. Satan ultimately is responsible for all the ungodliness in this world.

Athlon4all, Christian Forums 5 Comments [1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Uh oh. I work for an environmental remediation firm comprising engineers and geologists. I guess that means I'm on Satan's payroll.

2/7/2007 9:44:01 PM

Langdon Alger

I guess that means I'm on Satan's payroll.

Does he offer full medical and dental?

2/7/2007 9:45:45 PM


First, even from a theology standpoint, that's a pretty redundant statement, and second, it's easy to have a monopoly on reality when everything you disagree with is Satanic, isn't it?

3/3/2008 7:08:46 PM

Caustic Gnostic

When everything disagreeable to Athlon4all is ascribed to Satan, there's not a helluva lot left, except perhaps parts of the bible.

You may as well give up on your godliness kick, Ath. Satan has taken control of everything. Even your preachers.

3/3/2008 7:17:14 PM


Is Satan more powerful than God? Because Yahweh doesn't do anything about it it seems so, I guess neither of them exist.

11/15/2011 7:55:42 PM

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