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A holy spirit will make it impossible for peoples minds to be changed

ArchxAngel, POD Warrior Forum 12 Comments [1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Then atheists are doing god's work?

6/16/2006 11:37:16 AM


Alas, free will, I knew it well ...

6/17/2006 3:29:20 AM


Does this mean the Holy Spirit doesn't exist then? Or merely that it's a neurocontagion causing immense and irreparable stupidity.

Why am I thinking the Holy Spirit seems to be about as useful for humanity as the TseTse fly - and the symptoms seem mighty similar.

6/18/2006 6:32:02 AM


A holy spirit? Do you mean the Holy Spirit? Or is there more than one?

4/20/2007 8:39:58 PM


A lobotomy works pretty much the same way.

4/20/2007 9:22:02 PM


Lobotomy for Jesus?

4/20/2007 9:27:56 PM


Well that would explain a lot.

4/21/2007 10:13:17 PM


Nailed it!

4/22/2007 2:23:57 PM

Try telling it to missionaries.

8/12/2009 3:47:34 PM

The Duelist

"holy spirit"....
Oh, you mean lobotomy? Sounds great!

8/9/2010 3:26:42 PM


Well that exlains a lot.

8/9/2010 5:44:47 PM


It seems to have worked for the fundies.

And, I've been meaning to ask for a while, exactly what the flying fuck is the Holy spirit anyway? Can you people not even invent somethng with a half sensible name instead of one which invariably reminds me of Caspar?

8/10/2010 2:57:51 AM

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