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Site/Off-topic discussion thread 2   2016 Fundie of the Year Nominations!

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[Oh sorry... you mean you're NOT a fundie from RR with an obsession about how there's a NWO trying to take over everything? Sure as hell sounds like it.]

What do you think GWB has in mind when he advocates open borders and a north American union, US sovereignity? WAKE UP! He is just the most visible of the NWOers. Congress is full of them, that's why they don't do a damn thing about GWBs push to destroy the country. When the economy falls the NWOers can declare martial law and force the people of the US under the north American Union. Next step - NWO and enslavement of the people of the whole world.

Joe Btfsplk, FSTDT Forums 3 Comments [3/14/2007 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: JohnRaptor
WTF?! || meh



3/14/2007 7:22:47 PM


Oh Joe, how I miss you so.

So self confident yet utterly gormless.

7/18/2009 9:05:33 PM


Hm, I don't recall this happening when Bush was in charge.

10/7/2011 3:55:08 PM