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If you think the US federal income tax is taking a bite out of you paycheck wait until you see how much the global tax on salaries is. And if you happen to use the word "queer" and a homosexual reports you to the global authorities for a hate crime, see what happens. No right to freedom of speech, no right to the assistance of counsel, no right to a trial by jury, no right to cross examine your accuser. Those are all part of the Bill of Rights which the global authorities don't have to recognize. Of course, they will have long since confiscated all of the weapons (no Second Amendment) so resistance or trying to organize a revolution against the tyranny of being ruled by foriegners will be futile. We the People of the United States will be overruled by the rest of the world and, thank God, by then I'll be in my grave!

Joe Btfsplk, FSTDT Forums 7 Comments [3/19/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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I love this guy. Juast pick two of his posts at random and I guarantee that one of them will be either factually innacurate of completely insane.

5/19/2007 9:40:37 PM


Least we'll get rid of you.

1/4/2008 11:56:52 AM


2/10/2011 7:11:16 AM


This guy's last name kind of sounds like someone tried to say "bullshit" but ended up spitting coffee on the computer monitor.

10/7/2011 3:54:04 PM


This idiot's name is perfect. He stole it from 'Lil Abner comics, where it depicts a character who has a permanent storm cloud over his head, raining on him, even on the brightest, sunniest day. Perfect.

11/17/2011 8:40:04 AM

Crimson Lizard

Citation so fucking needed.

Your paranoid fantasies do not constitute prophecy. Or reality, for that matter.

5/1/2012 11:26:55 AM


It's been six and a half years now. When will all this start?

11/20/2013 2:41:26 AM

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