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Hearing Pascal's Wager actually had a large impact on my becoming a Christian... and Islam, imho, is a knockoff of Christianity... the other religions either fall into Christian knockoffs or Hindu knockoffs... and Hinduism supports dualism, which is logically bankrupt...

Sparklecat, Rapture Ready 15 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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LOL Judaism.

1/24/2008 5:06:06 PM



that's just sooo shallow

You believe in god because you're scared of dying

1/24/2008 5:52:41 PM


So what does Judaism knock off?

2/19/2008 12:50:37 AM

Blue Lithium

I thought Christianity supported dualism too. Christians are always talking about souls.

2/19/2008 9:00:11 PM


Thank you to anyone who's said anything about Judaism. You've made this Jew happy.

And I don't seem to remember Hinduism supporting dualism from what I've read.

2/19/2008 9:21:47 PM


Judaism is a knockoff of Christianity? Erm...why are the first bibles written in Hebrew then? Just askin'.

2/19/2008 10:09:17 PM


Actually should God exist and indeed If I were a "god" you would burn in hell with the rest of the atheists. Ironically you are not believing in God like the rest of the "believers" because you think you are doing good. You are believing in God because you are hoping that should the bible be right you will get a reward.

Islam is based more off the Torah than the bible. Infact a lot of the bible is based of "islamic scripts" that translated the bible into arabic. Among the oldest sects of christianity are the Coptics who read "arabic bibles".

Hinduism does not support dualism. It points out that evil and good are labels we apply to things. That one man's righteous behaviour is another man's evil. To feed a man's poor family he must steal. That is not an evil, however should a rich man steal from his employees for greed? Then it is evil. This is actually a very interesting morality concept to the black and white morality of christianity since it seems to accept the situation of people alongside their actions. Logically speaking it is a superior system since it does not condemn people to "hell" just because they do something to survive. And is indeed more "human".

2/19/2008 10:29:25 PM


The Bible took many of their stories from earlier works of other cultures, It's one of the biggest knock-offs in history. Hell it's even knocked-off versions of itself!

2/20/2008 3:05:28 PM


And every one has contradictions in it. What was that about dualism?

2/20/2008 3:07:09 PM


And every one has contradictions in it. What was that about dualism?

2/20/2008 3:07:59 PM


And christianity is a knock off of Judism along with a couple other religions.

7/13/2008 4:41:03 AM


Pascal's Wager teaches me that every god that has ever been conceived to exist is true.

That's what convinced me to become Pagan, actually . . .

7/13/2008 4:50:28 AM


LMAO @ someone who takes Pascal's Wager seriously (indeed, bases their religiosity on it) calling anything else "logically bankrupt." *Sigh...*

8/31/2009 3:45:36 AM


And by that logic, isn't Chrisitianity just a rip-off of Judaism?

8/31/2009 4:54:11 PM


Everything is duality, you fool! It's Me, or Satan.

8/1/2013 1:46:32 PM

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