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You are completely wrong in generalizing about Christianity. You claim to have studied Christianity, but it is clear that you haven’t really studied it, but rather 'studied' it by public opinion, and such. If you were to really have studied Christianity, you would know 'The Great Commission' where Jesus commanded His disciples to 'preach' to the entire world. Never was there anything about having to convert anyone.

miguelmorales, GameFAQs 4 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
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PREACH def 3. transitive verb urge people to accept idea: to make an opinion or attitude known to others and urge others to share it

CONVERT 4. transitive and intransitive verb change somebody's beliefs: to adopt new opinions or beliefs, especially religious beliefs, or change the opinions or beliefs of somebody

Urging others to share in your ideas and trying to change someone's opinion about their ideas doesn't sound too far off to me.

6/20/2006 10:19:25 AM

David D.G.

This comment brought to you by the Fundie Word Redefinition Project.

~David D.G.

6/20/2006 2:03:10 PM


If there isn't anything about converting anyone, then keep your fundie beliefs to yourself.

10/17/2011 10:11:22 AM


Meh'd, because he is right in one sense. Jesus never encouraged his followers to use the threat of government sanction, torture or execution to force people to convert to Christianity. His followers came up with all of that on their own. I guess their saviors words weren't appealing enough on their own.

11/17/2011 4:16:53 PM