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[Replying to 'Well, let's see, since no airplane, rocket, or satellite has ever plowed into this 'storehouse' [of snow mentioned in Job, I think it's safe to assume that it's not just me who says it, but basic observable reality itself. Why do you believe this?]Because to answer God's question to Job, no, I am not smart enough to pretend to know where this is. And like it or not, neither are you or any scientist." [Replying to 'Do you mean to tell me, then, that somewhere up there, there are storehouses of snow, even though no one has seen them, and all known climatalogical science goes against it?']I didn't say that, God said that. I just believe Him.

Rom831, Rapture Ready 8 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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If there were a god he would be laughing about how dumb you are.

6/20/2006 9:38:25 AM


It never ceases to amaze me that such people can live on the same earth.

7/21/2008 9:39:00 AM


1/23/2009 5:19:33 PM


You believe it AND you said it.

And you confirmed it, predetermined it and refirmed it

1/23/2009 8:03:07 PM


And God saith unto you, "Bend over and breathe in. This won't hurt at all."

1/23/2009 8:09:05 PM


Or, the whole "storehouse of snow" thingy could be, oh, I dunno, a metaphor?

1/23/2009 8:27:40 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Hard to say anything when you don't exist.

7/26/2012 9:35:15 AM


Wow, I'm ashamed you actually believe in me.

8/1/2013 1:02:19 PM

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