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[On the female sailor captured by Iran]

And home with her Mum and Dad is exactly where Faye Turney belongs – not on a warship, not in a combat zone, not as a prisoner of war jeopardizing her own nation's prestige and standing in the world, not to mention that of the West.

Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily 33 Comments [3/31/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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But it's not as if one of her male colleagues could have the same problems...oh, wait...they do.

3/31/2007 11:10:38 PM


Die in a fire, scumfuck.

3/31/2007 11:11:53 PM

Fed Up


3/31/2007 11:17:16 PM


How does she jeopardize her countries prestige by being a POW anymore than a guy being a POW? Get real.

3/31/2007 11:26:02 PM


How does she jeopardize her countries prestige by being a POW anymore than a guy being a POW?

\"Prestige\" means having an all-male military?

3/31/2007 11:37:02 PM

Brian X

Hi. Century rolled over about seven years ago. You can go back to World War One if you want, but we'd prefer to remain in 2007. If I had a girlfriend who was in a combat position, I wouldn't be happy about it, but I wouldn't consider it some kind of ethics violation either. Especially when women in other countries' militaries (like, you know, the UNITED KINGDOM's) have been acquitting themselves quite well in combat for years.

Incidentally, I know you Righties have a hardon for Israel... does it bother you that their women serve in combat on a regular basis?

3/31/2007 11:41:12 PM


What if her parents wanted her to be a soldier and she joined the military to honour them? That would put you in quite the spot of bother, now wouldn't it?

4/1/2007 12:44:24 AM


Well, Joe, I guess she must be a real embarrassment to you after the way you withstood torture and refused to knuckle under when you were a hostage. You were, weren't you?

4/1/2007 1:02:50 AM


Well, he has a point about the public generally not wanting to see young women suffer or die in combat zones. So let's just keep sending young men, they aren't cute and nobody cares lol.

4/1/2007 1:30:04 AM

Captain Janeway

Well, if that's how you *really* feel, get your boots on and take her place hero.

Another fundie with a loud mouth and a weak spine.

4/1/2007 1:40:03 AM


4/1/2007 2:36:44 AM


i dont think the west can sink any lower than it has already in the prestige departement, thanks to the united states of america, stars and stripes forever people

4/1/2007 3:01:45 AM


Then you agree with the people who hold her hostage.

4/1/2007 5:49:48 AM


Axver has the winning comment.

4/1/2007 6:32:03 AM

Tiny Bulcher

Yeah, if our boys and girls weren't in Iraq at all there wouldn't be any of this bother. Remind me which country's idiot president decided to go there in the first place, again?

4/1/2007 11:22:53 AM


Obviously never heard of Boudica the warrior queen who lead an army against the romans!

4/1/2007 5:34:56 PM


It's the man in the White House who's jeopordizing our nation's prestige, not the poor woman held hostage in Iran.

4/1/2007 5:40:41 PM

Sorry, who´s jeopardising whose prestige?, isn´t she FIGHTING for her country?

4/4/2007 7:21:49 PM


Now being a female soldier is jeopardising the prestige of a country, but threatening with wiping Israel of the map, invading a country with lies or passing a memo saying that the Pharisees invented the theory of evolution is not.

4/11/2007 5:18:36 PM


people who can't just be gratefull that other people are willing to fight and risk their lives in wars that they didn't start and instead feel the need to critisize those people's choices are not in a position to tell anyone else they are jeopardizing their own nation's prestige and standing in the world. in fact, such people would do better to just shut up.

10/26/2007 2:13:16 PM

Giga Guess

You misogynistic, condescending fucker. You don't want women to enlist, gear up, sign up, and take their place.

10/26/2007 2:52:22 PM


I am a lady sailor. I work very, very hard, just as hard as anyone else. And usually, the guys I work with treat me like a sister. Today however, I was put down by a higher ranking man about my gender. These people are supposed to have my back, and I have their's. This "Not a woman's place" thinking makes me so angry. Not to say that the guys have it easy, but ladies do the same job, and we deal with small minds like these on top of it. My parents are proud of me. My place is not at home with them.

2/20/2008 9:47:17 PM


I have to admit,, this post really made me think for a while before responding. (Although not for the same reasons as Joseph Farah). On a purely sentimental level, I would prefer women to have a non-combat role in the military (sentiment isn't logical, after all). Having said that, I'll state that I have the utmost respect and admiration for those women that are proud to fulfill those roles. They are every bit as skilled as their male counterparts, and have the same rights to fight for what they believe in. If a female British soldier was storming at me, I'd probably do something unmentionable in my pants, not because she's female, but because she's a highly trained British Soldier. Equality rules in the military, as it should. Home with Mom and Dad is not where any adult 'belongs', male or female. As for jeopardising prestige,,,, Balls !

2/20/2008 11:19:21 PM

Princess Rot

So by Joseph Farah's reckoning, Faye's male colleagues stuck in the same ludicrous situation are brave and manly. Faye is just a silly, bubble-headed little girl who ought to be at home making mud pies in the garden and has no business being in a man's world. Puh-lease.

The Iranian government paraded Faye around on TV as a laughing stock because they are sadistic misogynists and they knew it would rile the West right up. Unfortunately that also brings out of the woodwork idiots like Farah, who just cannot be grateful that there are men and women willing to fight and die for him and his freedoms, and for the Western world.

If you are so resolute in your beliefs, Joseph, I suggest you take Faye Turney's place in a hellhole Iranian prison, being deprived of sleep, threatened with beatings, torture and rape until YOU "confess" to a crime you did not commit, then be paraded in front of TV crews while wearing a ridiculous veil.


No? Right then, quit your armchair politics, Mr Farah.

2/22/2008 3:18:43 PM

Princess Rot for the win.

2/22/2008 5:37:49 PM

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