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Considering that most of science has only been around for a few hundred years, while religion has thousands of years under its belt, I don't think there is any competition. Science is trying so hard to disprove God and is frustrated, because it can't and never will be able to. If it would only concentrate on important issues, all of us would be so much better off.

Bruno, Christian Forums 16 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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It IS concentrating on the important issues... it's you that claim science tries to kill God, and that God is too busy keeping track on the keys Satan hides for you too stop famine and diseases.

1/17/2008 9:08:55 PM


Okay.... We'll compare then.

Religion; been around a looong time. If you got sick, you'd do a dance and be dead anyway. You had to bow down before various gods in the hope that you wouldn't piss them off and they wouldn't kill you. You had to give the priests a bunch of money and probably a couple of your kids for good measure. Nobody questioned it, but everyone knew that the odds of getting anything from all of this was about as good as praying to your cow.

Science. It's been around for a couple of hundred years. It's cured diseases, made us go places faster, allowed us to use computers and actually understand how the world works. It hasn't been afraid to say that praying to your cow works as well as worshipping god. In fact, it's better since you don't have to give it money or your first born.

I think science wins. Not only is it better, it's more efficient. It works and has solved more problems in its short history than religion has in its long history.

1/17/2008 10:08:58 PM


It's like how people have been riding horses for thousands of years, and cars have only been driven for about 100 or so. That makes horses WAY better than cars, right?

8/24/2008 12:00:07 PM


The previous posts are valid in that it doesn't matter how long the respective things have been around.

However, I dispute the basic premise that science is only new. Science means knowledge and humans have been looking for that, and finding it, forever.

The person who first tamed fire was a scientist.

The person who invented the wheel was a scientist.

The person who invented the numbering system, especially the brilliant '0' was a scientist.


8/24/2008 12:08:43 PM

Considering that you´re using a computer to let us know, your rant is not very consistent.

4/4/2010 8:10:18 AM


Our accumulated knowledge has been thousands of years in development,building shelters, controlling fire, shaping our enviroment, creating the written word which allowed these ideas to expand. Much older than your fables.

4/4/2010 10:35:30 AM


I tend to think asking where we came from is an important issue.

Science isn't trying to disprove God. The problem is that you boneheads keep trying to shove him in places where he doesn't belong. You're doing more damage to the existence of a God than science could ever hope or care to do.

btw - the innuendo is very intended.

4/4/2010 2:30:39 PM


1) You can't prove god exists.
2) Perhaps "science" has only been around for a few hundred years because christians wouldn't let any oppositional ideas develop until recently?
3) Science does not try to disprove god, christians try to disprove "science". Science merely provides facts that lead people to disbeleive in god.

6/9/2010 1:20:52 AM


Science isn't trying to disprove god. You can't prove a negative, dumbass.

Taking this idiot's so-called logic that older means better leads us to such conclusions as the Dakota was a better aircraft than a 747, a Model T Ford was a better car than a 21st century Ferrari, old surgical procedures were better than current ones...oh I could go on and on and on.

But why bother?

6/9/2010 2:35:25 AM


Sorry, science does not give a big fat shit about your God. Science is impartial - it would be just as happy turning up evidence for God as it would be eradicating diseases, building cars, planes & stuff, and explaining the universe and everything in it.

6/9/2010 2:59:17 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Considering that science has driven actual progress, religion is itself stagnant ill-thought out philosophy, that science isn't trying to disprove any religion, and that it has still accidentally contradicted many interpretations of certain religious texts despite this: you fail. You fail almost as hard as the religious explanations that were made irrelevant by scientific discovery.

6/9/2010 1:26:28 PM


"Science is trying so hard to disprove God and is frustrated"

Wrong. This is the same f'ing song and dance I've heard for far too long, and I am absolutely sick of it. Science has actually spent the bulk of its history trying to prove the existence of god, and yet after all this time of virtually zero success, science is doing the rational thing and is simply giving up on it. Instead science devotes itself to determing how things actually work, rather than throwing out the lazy default of "if I don't understand it, then god did it" which results in zero progress. As many as 2000 years of zero progress.

"If it would only concentrate on important issues, all of us would be so much better off."

Buddy, you have no fucking idea...

6/9/2010 9:25:07 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Science's goal isn't disproving God. It's just that science's progress has shown how unreliable religion is as an arbiter of what reality is, and has shown God's existence to be unverified, unverifiable, and thus irrelevant. Must frustrate religion to become so antiquated in such a small amount of time...

5/17/2011 10:37:31 AM


I dont need science to disprove god, common sense does the job.

5/17/2011 10:44:14 AM

Just like horsecarts are so much better than cars.

6/16/2011 6:15:47 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Actually science just ignores your bullshit.

11/2/2013 6:42:50 AM

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