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There are no contradictions in the Bible, different people simply wrote them different ways.

Guest, YouDebate.com 14 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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I didn't punch you, I released a knuckle of another argument.

6/19/2006 9:50:24 AM

David D.G.

So now Difference =/= Contradiction? Wow, this Fundie Word Redefinition Project is moving into high gear.

~David D.G.

6/19/2006 2:40:34 PM

Tom S. Fox

Yep, amongst all these versions of the bible, there just GOTTA be one that has no contradictions!

3/8/2008 11:43:18 AM


Matthew 2:15, 19 & 21-23 The infant Christ was taken into Egypt. Luke 2:22 & 39 The infant Christ was NOT taken to Egypt.

Matthew 5:1-2 Christ preached his first sermon on the mount. Luke 6:17 & 20 Christ preached his first sermon in the plain.

How many blind men besought Jesus? Matthew 20:30 Two blind men. Luke 18:35-38 Only one blind man.

Who did Jesus tell the Lord’s Prayer to? (Matthew 5:1, 6:9-13 & 7:28) Jesus delivered the Lord’s Prayer during the Sermon on the Mount before the multitudes. (Luke 11:1-4) He delivered it before the disciples alone, and not as part of the Sermon on the Mount.

When was Christ crucified? Mark 15:25 "And it was the third hour and they crucified him." John 19:14-15 "And it was the preparation of the Passover, and about the sixth hour; and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your king…Shall I crucify your king?" John 19:14-15.

When did Satan enter Judas? Satan entered into Judas while at the supper. John 13:27 Satan entered Judas before the supper. Luke 23:3-4 & 7

How many more do you want? I've got hundreds !!!

3/8/2008 6:41:28 PM


I hope you realize that if "different people wrote them in different ways," it means the Bible was written by humans telling their own versions of stories they had heard and wasn't dictated by God at all.

3/8/2008 7:43:39 PM


@ szena Well, WE knew that all along,,,, but I think poor Guest just dug himself a hole,,,,,lol

3/8/2008 10:09:26 PM


1/5/2009 1:50:18 AM

Allegory for Jesus

It's not a contradiction! It's just saying something happened one way and then saying it happened a different way!

3/7/2011 9:33:42 PM

Quantum Mechanic

It's all made up bullshit for mentally retarded scum like you scooter.

10/4/2012 2:01:28 AM

So, it's not God's infallible Word then, just faillible humans misinterpreting stuff?
I heartily agree!

10/4/2012 3:06:24 AM


Different versions of the same alleged event = contradiction, no matter how hard you drive your little brain trying to establish otherwise.

10/4/2012 4:44:21 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Asshat lies more than Rogers Cadenhead.

11/29/2014 4:19:34 PM


That's called "contradictions".

1/8/2017 9:09:46 PM

Shepard Solus

There are no different letters in the alphabet. Different sounds are simply represented in different ways.

1/10/2017 4:17:24 AM

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