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I saw a documentary on the History Channel where they thought the Bible was a series of alien visitations. Moses went into a spaceship on the mountain and brought out the ten commandments and when Jesus was on the hill during the transfiguration the aliens came back and visited (you know Moses and Elijah because they had to be aliens too for it to make sense). Fine intelligent programming for people who would rather believe that aliens created or developed our race than have to come to grips with the facts.

JesusServant, Christian Forums 12 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Think Floyd

Yes because your beliefs are completely plausible, not to mention within the bounds of physics and biology.

5/12/2010 6:51:25 PM


Like talking snakes, magic apples, talking burning conifers, pregnant virgin etc make sense. Right.

5/12/2010 6:53:07 PM


That sounds as crazy as that Bible shit that some History shows have been presenting as fact. Nice to know theyve given up on all real history, more fair and balanced, all bullshit now

5/12/2010 7:36:21 PM


The Bible seems pretty ridiculous too me. However, I haven't watched the History Channel recently so I can't be sure which is, at the moment, more ridiculous.

And you know why I usually don't watch the History Channel? It's because I have an actual interest in history. And what the History Channel usually shows is half-baked, tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories, Bible codes, how Nostradamus' prophecies are coming true, and how aliens did such and such. It's some of the least intelligent hogwash I have ever seen. I'll agree that anyone who actually believes what the History Channel says about aliens is someone who have trouble coming to grip with the facts. However, I think I'd probably disagree with JesusServant on what the facts actually are. For instance, I don't count something as fact just because the Bible says it anymore than I count something as fact just because the History Channel says it.

But I've got far more issues with the History Channel than I do with JesusServant. Come on! You have the nerve to call yourself the History Channel and then show things that not only have nothing to do with history, but absolute conspiracy series garbage. I'd watch if you actually used the opportunity to show programs and documentaries that were actually about history and had some sort of basis in reality!)

5/12/2010 8:56:10 PM

Hunter Jay

I agree with you Augua.

It's hilariously (and sadly) ironic that the History Channel barely shows actual history anymore.

1/27/2011 8:40:16 AM


or maybe its not all literal and the psychos who wrote the bible were trippin balls

1/27/2011 8:52:40 AM


Umm, come to grips with WHAT?

1/27/2011 8:53:54 AM


And as idiotic as it is to think that aliens had something to do with life on earth, it still makes more sense, and even has more evidence, than your bullshit story.

1/27/2011 11:19:55 AM

The Anonymous

It makes tons more sense than believing in the Bible literally.

7/12/2012 7:56:23 PM


Keep in mind that no sensible person actually believes that crazy shit. The Bible is not a history book; it doesn't even correspond to any historical occurrences.

1/25/2013 4:53:43 PM


Fundamentalists Vs. UFO Nuts? Someone make some popcorn!

8/1/2013 10:54:22 AM


Yeah, I've seen shit like that to.

2003! I've seen twentyfold that bullshit, unaccreditted expert opinions from people that think knots are amazing.

I've been here for at least a decade? How time flies.

8/1/2013 11:07:51 AM

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