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[Referring to evolution]It will be fascinating how historians of the future will explain how so many educated persons could have been so wrong about the past.

Socratism, Theology Web 21 Comments [3/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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I know, coz they'll be roaring with laughter when they talk about how some people were dumb enough to teach Intelligent Design.

1/29/2007 6:34:54 PM


Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, pot.

1/29/2007 10:29:26 PM


I look forward to the day when future historians look back and question how so many followed and believed in a fairy tale, for so long.

1/30/2007 3:47:46 AM

The Jamo

You're talking about the fundies, right?


3/9/2007 11:18:48 AM

His noodly appendage

Basically there isnt going to be a future, because religious dickheads are taking large strides towards causing the end of our species

3/9/2007 11:45:18 AM


I'm already fascinated with the invisible man theory.

3/9/2007 11:52:45 AM


...or the more likely scenario is years from now you'll be sitting in a 'retirement' home insisting to every nurse that passes that Jesus will be along in a just a sec to beam you up and smite the heathens, as you shit your pants and the world passes you by......again.

3/10/2007 8:55:26 AM


Actually, I think he's right on the money. Just not for the reason he thinks. More than likely a new theory will replace our present understanding and our current theories will be looked on as foolish by comparison.

3/10/2007 9:18:07 AM

I'm sure in the suture everyone will be in agreement about the obvious answer; a magic man in the sky felt like creating everything along will billions of people to worship him just to stoke his ego. Duh.

11/16/2010 6:46:36 AM



There are already large parts of Europe, Russia and China that are perplexed at mankinds blind faith in the superstitious nonsense of religion. Historians from all these parts have documented the organized churchs and mystical dogma merchant as examples of our ignorance and willingness to accept older, unsubstantiated beliefs

Hopefully in the future the trend towards free-thinking continues

11/16/2010 2:46:14 PM


Like every fundie historical revisionist.

10/3/2011 6:50:09 PM


Yeah, I know nobody knows
where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody's sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life
is in books' written pages
Lived and learned from fools and
from sages
You know it's true
All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away

Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year
sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
sing with me, if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dreams come true
Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dream comes through
Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream On Dream On
Dream On Dream On

Nailed your ass perfectly

10/5/2011 4:41:28 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Your lot has been predicting the imminent demise of evolution for over 150 years. In that time, the case for evolution has only become more solid. Frankly, I don't expect that when future historians are wondering about how educated people could be so wrong, they will be thinking about people who acknowledge the validity of evolution.

10/5/2011 8:37:27 PM


Of the future? How about the historians of the NOW laughing their asses off at YOUR ilk.

1/3/2012 3:00:12 PM

Crimson Lizard

Condescending asshole.

1/12/2014 9:26:29 AM

It will be fascinating how historians of the future will explain how so many educated persons could have ignored science and all evidence of evolution while worshipping without any evidence some made-up supernatural sky-pixie directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillaging, plundering, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children, documented in some ancient book written by bronze-age goat herders. 

1/12/2014 9:49:16 AM


As the years go by, as the facts are documented and as common sense ignores ficticious Gods,,,,You're losing and know it.

So you can push and demand as much as you want, BUT if you're not instututing Theology into the classroom you KNOW YOU'LL LOSE.

Hence Texas and Bible Belt states FORCING RELIGION IN.

Forcing against Constitutional laws.

There will be no revelation that it was a mistake to remove religious beliefs from education, there will only be the end result that religion fails, EVERY TIME.

1/12/2014 4:29:06 PM


Why historians of the future? We already have historians of today explaining how so many educated persons could have been so wrong about the past, as to believe in a geocentric universe and the creation stories from the Bible.

1/13/2014 6:39:20 AM


But we all know how accurate Theological predictions are, don't we Socratism? You're lot's been claiming some major revelation would come along that destroys evolutional theory for what? Forty years at least, I know this because most your arguments, claims and strawmen are at least forty years old and had no validity then.

Here's a prediction that has facts: Due to massive Charter (religious) schools being built and promoted by the right-wing fundamentalists more and more uneducated and deluded people will populate the South. In the future it'll be clear what the problem is and who created it but the Republicans will refuse any responsibility for their actions.

1/13/2014 7:52:48 AM



We are now a week away from Trump's inauguration, so I'd say you were right on the money with that prediction.

1/10/2017 9:42:08 PM

Shepard Solus

They'll probably just say "fear of hell and a smug sense of superiority-in-willful-ignorance were a powerful combination".

1/11/2017 4:10:24 AM

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