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The difference is, I think Ellen White could possibly be in Heaven; whereas Joseph Smith , Muhammed, Charles Taze Russel, etc. are certainly in Hell.

Brent, Christian Forums 13 Comments [4/30/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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No. All Christians and Jews and Muslims will be in Hel.

For not worshipping Odin.

This post has no grammar errors.

4/30/2007 10:50:45 AM


I think Ellen White is very lonely, what´s Heaven for, then?

4/30/2007 11:01:17 AM


Hell is where the party will be.

4/30/2007 1:19:04 PM


I think Brent's going to be surprised at life's end.

4/30/2007 1:38:40 PM


Don't forget Hitler and Gandhi and George Burns...

4/30/2007 3:48:05 PM


Boy are you in for a surprise.

4/30/2007 4:49:33 PM

Old Viking

Isn't it exhausting keeping up with who's where?

4/30/2007 8:19:45 PM


Nice of you to assume the role of God and decide who goes where Brent. I'm sure he appreciates it.

4/30/2007 9:04:46 PM

Wet Walnuts

Uhh...Brent...let me let you in on a secret.

There is no afterlife.

It is an invention of various religious leaders who want to play on your fear of death to get you to do their bidding.

And anyway, if there is a god, I don't think he would look kindly upon you deciding the fate of others.

4/30/2007 9:34:58 PM


Yeah Bent, when I was 5 or 6, Jesus spoke to me and told me the bible was poison, and that no living mortal had any spiritual jurisdiction over another.

What are you trying to accomplish by consigning perfectly dead strangers to your imaginary bad place? Are you trying to impress people who are more fucked in the wit than yourself?

4/30/2007 10:44:11 PM


\"No. All Christians and Jews and Muslims will be in Hel.\"

*snigger* all those people in one Goddess, what a gang bag xD

4/30/2007 11:27:41 PM


So, 7th-Day Adventists are OK, but Jehovah's Witnesses are hellbound?

Damn, you people draw an ultra-fine line.

2/1/2008 11:41:42 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Since neither place is anything but a myth for idiots, I think not.

1/19/2011 7:54:10 AM

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