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"Di Vinci studied in anatomy in secrecy. The church was in charge of it in his day, so he would sneak corpses into his quarters and disect them at night. When he completed his research, he determined that God did not exist in the human body as the church claimed He did. In fact, after seeing what all he did, Leonardo found disbelief in God. However, from seeing how delicate the heart is, but also how precise, and the fact that it works on its own, I don't see how someone couldn't see God in that"

Prodigal Daughter, BibleForums.org 31 Comments [5/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Uh, the brain controls the heart, it doesn't work on it's own.

5/1/2007 7:13:06 PM


Seeing God in something and God existing in that thing are two totally separate concepts. As history (particularly recent history, in fact) has shown.

5/1/2007 7:19:24 PM


Ohhh, I'm sorry! It is well documented that Leonardo had permission to dissect corpses for the study of anatomy. It wasn't done in secret. But thanks for playing, and please try again.

5/1/2007 7:41:09 PM


does this get an \"I'm smarter than Leonardo diVinci\" Award?

5/1/2007 7:44:05 PM

Old Viking

Does God cause those pesky heart attacks?

5/1/2007 8:43:07 PM


seeing how delicate the heart is, but also how precise, and the fact that it works on its own

The fact that removing the brain stops the heart doesn't do anything to stop his hypothesis.

5/1/2007 8:50:41 PM


Your lies and lack of proof about what you claim over Da Vinci is enough proof for me that the heart is just a heart and that your sources are not reliable.

5/1/2007 8:57:09 PM


Weird quote. I feel bad now.

5/1/2007 9:18:44 PM


\"I don't see how someone couldn't see God in that.\"

Do us all a favor and stay out of medical school, then.
The last thing we need is a doctor who sees God running all the systems in the body instead of the chemical processes that actually do run the show.

5/1/2007 9:38:54 PM


\"Precise\"? The human body? Don't make me laugh.

5/1/2007 9:43:39 PM


Well the human heart is a result of five hundred million years of evolution from the heart of worms and such. And it has plenty of problems too.

5/1/2007 10:47:19 PM


That must explain why heart diseases are amongst the main causes of death in the world. It was designed by a perfect being.

5/1/2007 10:53:25 PM


Some people look around them and see miracles.

Other people look around them and see coincidences.

It's a matter of perspective, Daughter.

5/1/2007 10:55:51 PM


The heart is dependent on the brain to function. And it is not perfect.

Nor is it proof of God.

Regarding Da Vinci, I believe his work on anatomy was endorsed by the church.

5/1/2007 11:40:19 PM


However, from seeing how delicate the heart is, but also how precise, and the fact that it works on its own, I don't see how someone couldn't see God in that

So if the heart is so precise, how come the arteries supplying this vital organ are so tiny? Why do so many people die of heart failure?

5/2/2007 12:01:30 AM

richard skidmark

\"Why do so many people die of heart failure?\"

Fat like Falwell.

5/2/2007 12:03:10 AM


Well, of course he didn't find God in the human body; he never expected to. You know very little about Da Vinci. (Hell, you don't even know how to spell \"Da Vinci.\") Da Vinci was fascinated by the human body and performed his (illegal according to the Church) dissections because he wanted to know how it worked. He was unwilling to simply accept the \"magic engine\" point of view.

5/2/2007 1:31:05 AM

The Meromorph

Which is why people think Leonardo was a genius, and think you're a fucktard...

5/2/2007 2:27:09 AM


Yeah, the heart isn't the best thing in the world. Heart tissue is so specialized that it can't reproduce itself - once it dies, that's it. No more. Then again, the same thing goes for the brain... so explain to me why, if God is so brilliant, did he put muscle cells and neurons into permanent gap arrest? (This isn't even mentioning heart murmurs, clogged arteries, etc.)

5/2/2007 2:39:57 AM


I used to study anatomy in secret...by myself.

Is he talking about THIS Leonardo?

5/2/2007 7:22:09 AM


And only someone who hasn't even had a brief look into comparative anatomy could mistake evolutionary development for 'goddidit'.

5/2/2007 9:57:52 AM


While we're on the subject, how the hell is it intelligent design to have redundant kidneys and lungs, but no redundant heart?

Then again, even a lot of devout christians will probably admit, if pushed, that consistency's hardly one of their god's strong points.

5/2/2007 10:19:08 PM


If I recall my biology courses correctly, when the nerve(s?) that connects the brain to the heart is/are severed, the hearth keeps on beating at its natural rate (wich is higher than normal). Wouldn't that mean that even without a brain, your heart would keep beating.

5/2/2007 11:14:52 PM


Prodigal? I don't think so.

5/3/2007 2:26:02 AM


I don't think she's saying that the heart functions independantly of the brain (or various other organs for that matter). I think what Daughter is trying to convey is that the way our bodies function with such intricacies and delicacy is beautiful, which who could deny? So many other processes in the natural world are like this, delicate, precise, yet stable and balanced. Daughter is not denying science here, it is within science that she sees God.

Me personally, I see coincidence, but its hard to deny that the everyday world, whether it be our cardio-vascular system, or simple physics, has a beauty to it that is beyond simple aesthetics. Could it even maybe possibly be described as almost holy?

5/4/2007 10:26:12 AM

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