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What were God's intentions in punishing Job? Well, first of all, God wasn't inflicting the punishment...Satan was. However, if you'll notice, Job was sitting pretty until God mentioned him to Satan...and then the problems for Job began.

Okay, God didn't punish Job, but He allowed Satan to.

Satan isn't omniscient, so he may not have even been aware of Job...but since God brought up Job as an example of a righteous man, He opened Job up for the events that unfolded.

Sounds like God is pretty mean, huh?

...but, He isn't. God is omniscient, and He knew the end result: Job's restoration. So, what does the book of Job tell us, then? Why include it in the Bible at all?

Theophilus, BibleForums.org 42 Comments [5/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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It's a freakin' fairy tale! It didn't happen!

5/1/2007 12:57:08 PM


\" So, what does the book of Job tell us, then? Why include it in the Bible at all?\"

To show us just how fucked up god is?

5/1/2007 1:06:22 PM


So, it's alright what God did to Job's relatives, so long as Job and God are tight at the end of the story?

5/1/2007 1:22:27 PM


Because having your wife and children killed doesn't matter because he got new ones at the end.

5/1/2007 1:35:53 PM


Why include it in the Bible at all

To really underscore the fact that your god is a sick, twisted freak.

Oh, and do a little research: God ordered Satan to do all those nasty things to Job.

Paying a hitman to kill someone for you doesn't make you not guilty of murder.


5/1/2007 3:10:01 PM


Why would Satan bow to God's instructions?

5/1/2007 3:17:32 PM


Okay, God didn't punish Job, but He allowed Satan to.
If there's a guy dying on the street and I don't give him life-saving CPR... isn't it at least in part my fault he's dead?

Likewise, if God just sits by and lets Lucifer ruin someone's life...

Because having your wife and children killed doesn't matter because he got new ones at the end.
You have hit upon it, sir;).

5/1/2007 3:27:24 PM


Your god is fucked up, lucky he doesn't exist.

5/1/2007 3:36:59 PM


I don't care whether god knew the end result or not. Job still suffered over \"god's\" penny-ante bet with a being that would have been beneath the contempt of any deity worth the name.

Still waiting for you to answer those very good qestions you posed BTW.

5/1/2007 3:44:11 PM


Sounds like God is pretty mean, huh?

...but, He isn't. God is omniscient

Excuse me?!

How are the two mutually exclusive?

5/1/2007 3:48:10 PM


The Bible actually refers to \"Satan\" as \"ha-satan\". Its thought that the satan of the story is not \"The Devil\", but what my pastor described as \"God's prosecuting attorney\" -- basically, the angel that's responsible for arguing against humanity.

However, most modern Christian scholars consider the story of Job to be an allegorical attempt to answer the question \"why do bad things happen to good people?\", not a historical record.

5/1/2007 3:48:58 PM

Admiral Crunch

I wonder if someone should tell Theophilus about the original ending to the book of Job.

5/1/2007 4:16:08 PM


The story of Job is one of the vilest, cruelest pieces of filth in the Bible.
If that's how your god treats his most devout worshipers, this explains a lot.
It makes your god out to be a dick.
And I should worship him why?

5/1/2007 4:56:11 PM


So why did gawd even bother testing Job if he knew the end result?

5/1/2007 5:05:50 PM


So if you see a drowning man, and you do nothing to safe him, you didn't kill him. You are still a sick fuck though.

5/1/2007 5:16:48 PM


Because having your wife and children killed doesn't matter because he got new ones at the end.

Everyone knows that women and children don't have souls, anyway.

5/1/2007 5:59:27 PM

Professor M

Firthy --

Satan bows to God's instructions because in the Hebrew scriptures, Satan is generally presented as the \"angel of temptation\" or a \"prosecuting attorney\" figure, as it were -- a servant of God. All actions taken by his servants are by the will of God.

5/1/2007 8:27:32 PM


Grow up, dear. The licence God gave to Satan to screw this guy is enough proof that he was putting him on test. Don´t put the blame on him, as usual. Second, this story, a narration which was not meant to be taken literarilly, is the epythome of the theory some Jewish of the time kept that everytime a person was suffering didn´t mean they were punished by God. That good people can suffer misadventures too. That is the meaning, which is so deep to you, that, of course, you can´t understand.

5/1/2007 9:00:27 PM


God is a freak. End of story.

5/1/2007 9:19:39 PM


Well Theophilus, its good to see you looked deeper into what was being said in the book of job. I believe these parts of the bible were written by people who value knowledge and wisdom, seeing as you have neither you couldn't possibly see that it clearly says \"the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. IE shit happens and theres nothing you can do about it!\"

5/1/2007 11:03:55 PM

Old Viking

[b] MarylandBear: {/b] An allegorical attempt? Why is it all the gruesome portions of the Bible are to be taken allagorically or metaphorically or poetically, and all the Bambi crap is to be taken literally?

5/1/2007 11:44:59 PM


If two people made a bet with each other to see if one of them could get you to commit suicide, and proceeded to ruin your life, steal your wife/girlfriend, get you fired, take all your money, give you a deadly disease, turn your friends against you and have you thrown in jail, would you be satisfied finding out later that the whole thing was a joke to test your will to live? How is Job any different?

5/1/2007 11:56:44 PM


God'll be as big of a prick as he wants in order to win a bet.

5/2/2007 1:03:24 AM


So God isn't mean because he knew that he was going to restore Job in the end?

OK, but what about job's wife and children who God allowed Satan to kill horribly? Kind of sucked for them, didn't it?

(Oh, and by the way, there is a monstrous amount of evidence that the story of Job was lifted whole-cloth by Moses (or whoever) from a nearly identical and hundreds-of-years-older myth from Midian.)

5/2/2007 1:34:19 AM


Ok, I thought the point of that whole ordeal was that God wanted to test Job's faith, and Satan though he could get Job to curse God. So if God is omniscient, he should have known that Job wasn't going to crack no matter what. But he still let Satan destroy his life anyway?

5/2/2007 2:43:39 AM

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