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Don't you think it's sad to rely on a belief (Darwinism), that was started by someone that had absolutely no PhD in any kind of science, including biology? He was just a scientist wannabe, that studied earthworms for over 30 yrs. and stared at finches beaks a lot. Someone should've check out his mental state before allowing him to board the Beagle (or was that the U.S.S. Minnow?).

SlashGordon, Youtube 36 Comments [5/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Evolution is science based on evidence.

Don't you think it's sad that fundies can't grasp this?

5/1/2007 10:56:11 PM


No university offered degrees in science at the time Darwin was of University age. That came quite a bit later. What he did to study natural science was the only path that was open to him.

5/1/2007 10:59:43 PM


Science is based on observation and study, what did you THINK scientists are supposed to do?

5/1/2007 11:02:51 PM


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Darwin originally there just for the ride?

5/1/2007 11:16:59 PM


Unlike Jesus who had a PhD. And spend all of his time talking about birds, seed and fish.

5/1/2007 11:23:21 PM

Old Viking

Darwin suggesteed that the degree be made available to science students, then thought better of it when he discovered that studies would detract from his time with the football team.

5/1/2007 11:34:26 PM


Newton was a 23 year old recent college graduate when he invented calculus. He didn't have a PhD either. What's your point?

5/1/2007 11:40:09 PM

Paley was wrong

No but he had a degree in theology he didnt study earth worms it was mostly barnacles i think and that was after the beagle.

5/1/2007 11:49:28 PM


How many PhDs did Jesus have? Did he ever receive an education in philosophy, economics, law, sociology, theology, or any of the other fields of which he preached? Didn't think so.

Oh, and why on Earth should anyone have their mental state checked before boarding a ship? Do anorectics and depressed people suddenly mean bad luck now?

5/1/2007 11:49:36 PM


Firthy yes from what I remember of the tail he was along for the ride and the idea came to him though observation of the shells of some turtles they had eaten that the whole idea started up.

The captain of the Beagle himself was quite a fundy though, I think he hanged him self after discoing he had helped Darwin's work.

edit: having refreshed my memory it seems FitzRoy (the cpatain) had always been a sucide risk and that was the whole reason Darwin was there. In the end he slit his own throat not hanging him self.

5/2/2007 1:25:43 AM


There were no PhD at the time. Not all scientists had college degrees. Modern biologists that do have PhD support evolution because of the evidence, not because of the level of education of Darwin.

5/2/2007 1:33:08 AM


Don't you think it's sad to follow a belief (religion) that was created by old men 4,000 years ago out of superstitious belief and hasn't evolved to accept the modern world? And worse, DENIES science DESPITE all supporting evidence?

5/2/2007 1:36:18 AM


Actually, Dawin studied to be a Parson at Christ's College in Cambridge, and had completed all his coursework. He declined to take holy orders, though, choosing instead to go on the Beagle with captain Robert FitzRoy.

And isn't it interesting that whenever anyone with a degree criticizes Christianity, then the degree is meaningless, but whenever someone without a degree criticizes the faith, then their criticism is irrelevant because they don't have a degree?

Weird, ain't it?

5/2/2007 1:53:35 AM


Yeah that's right. At least the guy who started creationism in Genesis had a degree in ....uh, nevermind.

5/2/2007 1:58:58 AM



5/2/2007 2:56:56 AM


Michael Faraday, bitch!!

(I hope SlashGordon knows who I'm talking about).

5/2/2007 3:37:18 AM


Unlike Dr. Jesus.

5/2/2007 3:45:51 AM

Dot Comment

Darwin was aboard the Beagle to keep the captain from killing himself. Seriously. Apparently, the last voyage the ship went on, the captain killed himself. Fearing the same fate, the new captain wanted someone smart to keep him company.

But it doesn't matter whether or not you have a doctorate. No one says that alternating current isn't a valid scientific topic just because Tesla wasn't a doctor. He was kind of crazy, true, but it wouldn't matter if he thought that he was the underwear queen of lollipop land so long as his actual work could be tested.

5/2/2007 5:06:08 AM


Gregor Mendel: Augustinian priest who stared at pea plants a lot and is now recognised as the first person to recognise genetic traits and is referred to as the 'father of modern genetics'. Had no training or what we might call scientific knowledge, but he did have a brain and he wasn't afraid to use it. Amazing what gifted amateurs can come up with.

5/2/2007 6:41:03 AM


Well, neither Edison nor Newton and here they are. PhD´s were not common at the time and science was in its infancy. By the way, which PhD do creationist hold?

5/2/2007 7:01:29 AM


George Smith deciphered the Mesopotamian saga of Gilgamesh when nobody else could. He didn't go to high school or college. Whether or not Darwin was formally educated or crazy wouldn't take away from his accomplishments. It's not like his shit has been wrong all this time and only upon discovery of his lack of education that we decide to throw all his shit aside. The truth stands alone.

5/2/2007 7:12:49 AM

Napoleon the Clown

Kent Hovind: No degree to speak of regarding any science or even pseudo-science.
Ken Hamm: Ditto.
Jesus: Some schizophrenic guy with delusions of grandeur.

5/2/2007 8:59:54 AM


Darwin had a Cambridge degree in Natural Science. The very reason he was on the Beagle, was to be its scientist.

So, Darwin does have good credentials. That doesn't matter a single bit though, since it is about the facts and not the person.

5/2/2007 9:20:57 AM


I thought Darwin was only 22 or 23 when he set out on the Beagle. So how could he have studied earthworms for over 30 years?

5/2/2007 10:32:27 AM


What about all the evolutionary biologists since Darwin who do have PhD's in the subject? Would you believe them?

5/2/2007 11:27:14 AM

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