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Why are they immoral? Perhaps because they're criminals, homosexuals, perverted, murderers, theifs, liars, rapists, adulterers, warmongers, drug addicts, self-serving, barbaric and unbound by any constraints of conscience or moral compass. People do that following all religion u say. Well these are common traits ONLY amongst either confirmed or unconfirmed atheists within the ranks of religion. REGARDLESS of what religion claim to follow they lack fear of God. End of story!

myspaceinvader, YouTube 27 Comments [5/2/2007 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Mike

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Fed Up

I still think he's making up this converted atheist story...

5/2/2007 11:13:36 AM


No way was he atheist from the things he's said.

5/2/2007 11:16:08 AM


\"...they lack fear of God.\"

Only an idiot would fear something that doesn't exist.

5/2/2007 11:18:48 AM


Confirmed or unconfirmed atheists within the ranks of religion?

5/2/2007 11:20:39 AM


How do I get confirmed?

5/2/2007 11:26:14 AM


My eyes are bleeding. Too much fundie word splatter.

5/2/2007 11:43:17 AM


Sorry but im utterly lost here

5/2/2007 12:33:50 PM


\"because they're criminals, homosexuals, perverted, murderers, theifs, liars, rapists, adulterers, warmongers, drug addicts, self-serving, barbaric and unbound by any constraints of conscience or moral compass.\"

Funny, I can think of lots of Christians with some or all of those traits.

Even your supposed God is guilty of a fair number.

5/2/2007 12:42:59 PM


May His blessed noodly appendage strangle you.

5/2/2007 1:07:35 PM


Do I have to wear a white dress for my Atheist Confirmation?

5/2/2007 1:44:17 PM


Actually, those are all traits commonly ABSENT from atheists.

I have known many people who feared the Christian God, accepted Jesus, etc., and still committed horrible acts. There have even been people who committed those acts BECAUSE of their belief in God.

From your posts, it is clear that you revel in spreading lies and disinformation in an attempt to slander people you know nothing about. Please grow up.

5/2/2007 2:11:14 PM

Madame Scarlet

What the hell is a confirmed or an unconfirmed atheist?

5/2/2007 3:01:39 PM


If they´re atheist, they can´t follow any religion. And not so end of the story. Since when was Bakker, a declared adulterer, or Randall Terry, or Papadopoulos or Mussolini, atheists?, since when Ted Haggard?, how is that that atheists are only 0.1% of jail population?, why is it that there are Christian marital counsellors, rehab ones and jail chaplains if only atheists do so?

5/2/2007 3:05:26 PM


So the reason religious people seem no more and possibly less moral than atheists is only because of all the religious atheists?

Can you actually deliver that argument with a straight face?

5/2/2007 3:15:30 PM


Wow. I do believe he's hedged his bet so much that he's covered all the options.

Regardless of your response to this, he can then riposte by saying you are obviously an atheist, regardless of what you claim.

Although that's pretty mean to the kitty.

5/2/2007 3:43:41 PM

Sideshow Bob

(Question goes here)? Perhaps (Generalization with the effect radius of an atomic bomb goes here)! (Reasonable Counter to sweeping generalization)? (No True Scotsman fallacy variant). So, (Reinforcement of needlessly broad generalization). End of story!

Thank you Mike, for submitting this.

5/2/2007 4:46:51 PM


Gee, you've got your head in the sand.

5/2/2007 6:43:23 PM



actually, Mussolini was an atheist, at least in his younger years. In a public debate on religion right after WWI, he said \"If there is a God, he should strike me down in the next five minutes\" or something to that effect. I don't know if he converted later on, but he definitely tempered his public persona as a friend of the Church.

5/2/2007 7:01:12 PM

Old Viking

Damn, I've been end-of-storied again.

5/2/2007 7:17:54 PM


In short, myspaceinvader is now God and gets to pick who is a true Christian or not. I think a fellow named Lucifer tried that once upon a time and it didn't work out too well in the end.

5/3/2007 1:49:27 AM


Scottish you say?

5/3/2007 2:34:27 AM


Criminals, homosexuals, perverted: Pedophile priests.

Murderers, theives, liars, rapists, adulterers: do I really need to show you those prison population statistics again?

Warmongers: See Bush administration.

5/4/2007 8:44:25 PM


At the risk of using a No True Scotsman argument against a NO True Scotsman argument....there is no fucking way this idiot was ever an atheist, he's too damn dumb.

5/4/2007 10:42:31 PM


Darn I had my kilt on and got scooped.
Reid! of the clan Robertson!

5/4/2007 11:11:51 PM


Proof? Stats? Anything concrete? Or at you just ranting and blowing snot? Okay, so long as we're clear.

10/2/2007 12:04:57 PM

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