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Today it would be a good idea for anyone who can to home school their children. Our government schools can't teach them to read, write or do simple math. However they are pretty good at socialist indoctrination and teaching immoral lifestyles

PoppaBear, American Conservative Forum 30 Comments [5/2/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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How dare you defile Papa Bear's screen name!

Anyway, that is your opinion based on your religious beliefs, so if you want to homeschool, that's just fine. Just don't be surprised if your kid has troubles with large groups or anxiety attacks in the future.

I would think that if you and your 'moral' lifestyle are so good that you should be able to counter their secret agenda.

5/2/2007 9:02:49 AM


They can't teach children to read, write or do simple math? Yet they're Socialist? I'd think real Socialist would have that as their biggest priority.

5/2/2007 10:13:59 AM


Too true to be fundy.

5/2/2007 11:12:07 AM

Fed Up

How would they teach these things if the kids can't read?

5/2/2007 11:15:29 AM


Exaggerating a bit aren't we? Besides, the worst spelling, grammar and punctuation come from the fundy comments. Not to mention the lack of comprehension of simple mathematics ie. timeline and BC dating convention.

5/2/2007 11:20:17 AM


Yeah, I got an A in Gay Drug Sex.

5/2/2007 11:31:52 AM


Schools teach that kids who live with two same-sex parents or are of a different religion shouldn't be taunted? Immorality! They ask kids to share their toys? Communism!

Sorry, bub, that's not indoctrination, that's teaching them how to get along with others in a diverse society. If you want to pretend that people different from you don't exist I can't stop you, but you're not doing your kids any favors by teaching them the same.

5/2/2007 11:38:15 AM


They're teaching immoral lifestyles? COOL! I think I'll go back to school.

5/2/2007 12:44:56 PM


Funny, I went to public school and I excel at reading and grammar. And none of my schools had any sort of \"socialist indoctrination,\" nor did they teach \"immoral lifestyles.\" My high school, in fact, was super-conservative and even had a student group called the \"Christian Council.\"

Care to try again? (This goes for you too, ryan.)

5/2/2007 12:49:18 PM


Socialist? The playground was more like social Darwinism....

5/2/2007 12:50:23 PM


Having spent thirteen years in the \"government school\" system, I can say proudly that I can read, write, and work out advanced calculus problems.

5/2/2007 1:04:24 PM



5/2/2007 2:09:08 PM



5/2/2007 2:34:04 PM

Madame Scarlet

Um... I don't know what schools you went to, but the ones I went to did teach those things. Hell, when I was 8 and could only read Russian, those government schools got me reading in English within a month.

5/2/2007 2:43:46 PM


And are you the proof?, you haven´t put a single comma on your text.

5/2/2007 2:57:33 PM


\"However they are pretty good at socialist indoctrination and teaching immoral lifestyles\"

Fantastic! Now, how exactly do they do this if the children can't read? Do they show them picture books or something?

5/2/2007 5:43:18 PM

Doctor Whom

Our government schools can't teach them to read, write or do simple math.
Then tell your fellow fundies to stop counting on the same schools to teach prayer and the Bible.

5/2/2007 5:52:12 PM

Old Viking

Imagine the ignominy of flunking Immoral Lifestyles.

5/2/2007 6:58:18 PM


Of course, which group has done the most to dismantle and underfund the american public school system? Hint, it ain't the left...

5/2/2007 7:17:40 PM


\"Yeah, why let the govenment teach our kids not to read and write when we can do that ourselves\". Oops!

5/2/2007 8:33:03 PM


PoppaBear? I thought Papabear was atheist...

5/3/2007 12:42:05 PM


american socialism lol

5/3/2007 2:24:56 PM


I thought it was fundie homeskool that indoctrinated kids?

5/4/2007 11:03:39 AM

The Bad Wolf



5/7/2007 7:11:26 PM


I was taught the \"immoral lifestyles\" of English, American History, Science, and Mathematics. THE HORROR!

5/27/2007 10:10:19 AM

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