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Because the Harry Potter books are a powerful lure for children. Children should be studying the bible instead of reading stories that can be percieved as paganism. I think it might even break a commandment if you take it far enough.

Common Sense, Myspace 52 Comments [5/3/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Most Ironic Username Award.


5/3/2007 1:43:52 AM


yeah, Harry Potter kills people. That makes sense </sarcasm>

5/3/2007 1:44:13 AM


Yeah, talking animals, transmutation, people flying, all that stuff that never happens in the bible.

5/3/2007 1:55:48 AM


Can be perceived, yes, but many things can be perceived in ways that they really aren't. Severe weather patterns can be perceived as coming up out of nowhere, yet patterns like that always have a cause. Scratching nails across a blackboard could be perceived as music by some; others will find it the most annoying noise on earth. You can be perceived as having some form of common sense, as your name suggests. How a thing is perceived doesn't make it true, though.

5/3/2007 2:00:04 AM


O RLY? Which one?

5/3/2007 2:01:48 AM


Commandment XIV Thou shalt not read for thine own enjoyment lest thou be apostate

5/3/2007 2:10:02 AM

richard skidmark

How about you break your neck?

5/3/2007 2:14:31 AM



They're fucking books, they're aren't portrayed as fact. The kiddies can read the Bible another time.

They're just books. Get over it.

5/3/2007 2:19:24 AM


Judging by possible perceptions,eh?

I like your nickname. 8)

5/3/2007 2:20:10 AM


They're both fiction. One is just better than the other.

5/3/2007 2:20:49 AM


Oh, dry your eyes, you fucking pussy. I know how it is: \"no fantasy but ours allowed.\"

5/3/2007 2:25:01 AM


Someone doesn't actually know what the commandments are.

5/3/2007 2:34:21 AM


Possible troll here? His userpic is the Atheist symbol.


5/3/2007 2:44:22 AM


I don't think Common Sense is a troll, he's just explaining the fundie viewpoint.

5/3/2007 4:05:18 AM


Swap fiction for fairytales?

Why should they do that?

5/3/2007 4:19:17 AM

Dot Comment

Maybe, if Rowling is lucky, thousands of years from now the complete seven book set will be considered the Revealed Word of Our Lord Harry Potter. And then there'd be all the infighting over which fanfictions are apocrypha and which are valid works, as dictated to the prophets of LiveJournal.

5/3/2007 5:36:45 AM


Yeah, Harry Potter will make you seethe a kid in its mother's milk.

5/3/2007 6:47:14 AM


Please don't let this guy near the inheretance trilogy.

It might just kill him

5/3/2007 6:55:45 AM


They have a point. The Harry Potter books are crap.

5/3/2007 10:52:44 AM


Thou shalt no readeth Harry Potter? I donm't remember that one...

5/3/2007 11:30:36 AM


If your kids start believing they can do things the children in Harry Potter can, then you aren't doing a very good job as a parent.

5/3/2007 11:34:34 AM


That's right! Commandment XI states \"Thou shalt not think.\" It's in the Real True Christian version of the Bible, but Satan, the Illuminati, and Tres kept it out of the other versions.

5/3/2007 12:28:21 PM


Lure into intelligence, maybe?, because if kids read the Kings or the Exodus they may feel compeled to kill an entire city and save the virgins, you know, or give their daughters to a rape gang, if they read Genesis.

5/3/2007 12:52:09 PM


\"Thou shalt not engage in entertainment by way of fantastical storybooks\"?

Not on my list.

5/3/2007 12:53:57 PM


Kids like to read a positive story once in a while.

5/3/2007 1:01:02 PM

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