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I do believe that aliens exist, that they have been visiting this planet and that some governments have this knowledge. I also believe that a shadow regime exists who work behind the scenes and because they are international bankers and they control the money they control certain aspects of the government , I believe that there are front groups which are established and stupidly backed by liberals to usher in what is referred to as a NWO. I have not made up my mind wether or not i think the two beliefs are related as some believe, or seperate, but it isnt relevant to prove my point.
I believe that throughout history these bankers have funded, propagated and deliberately caused boom and bust cycles, depressions, revolutions, racism and war for the purpose of making themselves richer and the people weaker. There "problem, reaction, solution" method allows for them to be able to have governments accept there solutions to problems which would not have been accepted otherwise had some "big" conflict or event happen. All of which lessens our freedom on the path to a global elite who control the world- they write the history books with manipulations and lies.

ConspiracyBuff, Free Conservatives 0 Comments [6/5/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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