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I think a lot of the research into that is still pretty sketchy. I'm also sure that there is a lot of politics involved in the journal articles and documentaries done on the subject. My understanding is that bottlenose dolphins live segregated lives. The sexes come together during mating seasons. That's when they have the opportunity to have heterosexual sex. And they do have heterosexual sex at those times. The other parts of the year the males aren't with the females. Their segregation may have biological advantages. Perhaps it makes them all the more horny when mating season rolls around. Or maybe it keeps them from overpopulating. Their situation would be sort of like people in prison. A lot of homosexuality goes on in prison, but that's just because there are no women around. It's the same thing I mentioned about the dogs humping people's legs. My cat used to hump blankets. That's because he was an indoor cat. He was obviously deprived and needed any gratification he could get.

Michael Flowers, Myspace 2 Comments [10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Oh dear...

2/21/2008 7:29:04 PM


Yeah, I don't think it works that way

9/6/2008 9:50:26 PM

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