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I am not the only person who dreams of a fusion reactor. Let us visit the nuclear power plant in the town of Springfield, where supervising technician Homer Simpson sits at a control panel. He begins to daydream, not realizing that his subconscious is pointing to the creation of a fusion reactor . . . "Mmmm donuts."

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding is Lee Harvey Oswald 5 Comments [10/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: -1
Submitted By: Scott

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I noticed that, too. Those writers made me crack up!

2/24/2008 10:28:12 AM

I can't understand what this guy is saying.

9/21/2008 1:38:51 PM


Is this guy pro- or anti nuclear? I honestly can't tell.

12/5/2009 3:48:20 PM


Actually, this comment by itself is not fundie - it's actually funny. I'll bet the physicists get it. Google 'fusion', 'Torus', and 'donut' and see what you get.

1/14/2010 11:15:14 AM


This actually sort of makes sense. XD

10/1/2010 9:25:19 AM

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