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Thus, after the human Borg has enslaved and destroyed much of humanity, I will intervene as Species 8472 and defeat the Borg Queens. US forces must capture and destroy the Ka'bah. The Black Stone, and its powers of synchronicity, will be stolen and placed in the White House. Rubble from the Ka'bah would be used in the construction of a cube-shaped brothel in the center of the energy circle at Fermilab. Thus, the force of the dark goddess would be harnessed for lust, not human sacrifice. In place of the Ka'bah in Mecca would be constructed a giant nude reclining statue of the performer Madonna. Any Muslim still kneeling toward Mecca at prayer time would, in fact, be bowing to the Great American Whore. I got this idea after watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, in which the mother-in-law, Marie, unintentionally sculpts a stylized nude female torso.

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding Shot JFK.com 14 Comments [11/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Scott
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What in the living fuck does this mean?

2/24/2008 5:29:28 AM


It means that whoever wrote it is either very creative, or quite mad. Maybe both!

3/1/2008 7:35:05 AM

Sanity Is A Full-Time Job

...Can I But Pot From You?

4/22/2008 10:20:50 PM



5/8/2008 4:28:41 PM


The whole thing sounds like a parody. The name is a giveaway- Tonya Harding shot JFK? Hey, here's a good one: A few days after I was born, Martin Luther King was shot. We need someone to spin a conspiracy out of that. I'm sick of the New World Order getting all the good press!

5/12/2008 10:20:40 PM


Moondog shot JFK.

6/2/2008 2:22:46 AM


How dare you pull the Borg into this!

9/6/2008 9:54:22 PM

"I got this idea after watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond." gee, that's a great foundation for belief. This must be true! We should really listen to you!...

9/21/2008 1:36:46 PM


Stop bringing Star Trek into your craziness.

12/22/2010 12:08:37 PM



2/11/2011 11:22:21 PM

Brandy Bogard

4/25/2011 7:38:43 AM


This has to be parody. TanyaHardingshotJFK.com??

4/27/2011 11:48:53 AM

ROFLMAO!!! And I thought that quote about George from Seinfeld from this same website was a hoot! Star Trek, magical stones, human sacrifice, giant naked statues of Madonna, Islamophobia and Everybody Loves Raymond! Please, DON'T let this be a troll! Let it be real! Let there actually be people this out of their mind out there in the world! Without people like them and thus quotes like these, a little light would be removed from it!

11/20/2012 7:44:19 PM

What the fuck is this shit!

11/28/2012 3:34:28 PM