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The following are reports, in no particular order, concerning underground anomalies below the "Crossroads Plaza" and surrounding areas of Salt Lake City, Utah. I will only use initials to protect the names of some of my sources. Other sources were one time encounters with people who I struck up conversations with and who I never got to know on a personal level. It is interesting though how many sources have indicated that there is "something" going on "underground" below the Salt Lake City area... For those who believe in "abduction" experiences, I was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, which might explain the MANY strange and unusual "dreams" I have had of underground alien facilities, and I have had confirmations that indeed I am an "abductee", and implanted to boot, and this involved some type of joint CIA/Alien interaction, and needless to say this interference and manipulation in my life has nearly ruined me psychologically and emotionally and limited my ability to succeed in more ways than one. So as for my alien "FRIENDS" below who felt as if they had to play god and RUIN my life more than they will ever know, here's a little "present" for you... basically EVERYTHING I know about the entrances to *your* underground hide-outs in this particular part of the country FOR THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO SEE!!! So now we CAN ALL be "friends"...

Branton, CROSSROADS OR CROSSWORLDS? 0 Comments [11/12/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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