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Political correctness is an attack on free speech, clear thinking and discussion. Political correctness is perpetrated by the left in politics as a cover for their flawed ideology - a sort of cultural Marxism. Political correctness is an attack on all the cohesive elements of our society using the grounds that they are repressive and need liberalising. Political correctness is Marxism without the gun. It seeks to inhibit personal freedom of speech and action, replacing it with a Marxist dogma that we are all supposed to embrace. In reality though, Political correctness has done untold damage to our society by giving supposedly 'repressed' groups freedoms without any sort of balancing responsibility. Worst of all though, political correctness is an insidious ideological disease which has spread unchecked because most people just think of it as a joke.

Political correctness has made common sense a thing of the past. If you catch a burglar in your house then it's best to help the poor soul by carrying your possessions to the front door lest he should trip up and hurt himself and it's you that end up in court!

Politically incorrect guy, Political Correctness - the awful truth 1 Comments [12/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Often Partisan

I don't really get the pc =marxism thing. Hell, I oncecread abiut it in a published book and still didn't get it. I mean what the hell has class struggle got to do with using particular language to ensure you don't offend people? Ps ehat freedoms without responsibility have been given? Or is this some guy whose bitching that women don't exist to serve his almighty cock any more? Cos usually that's what yhese sort of peolle mean.

8/24/2012 11:00:40 AM

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