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muslims don't want intergration.... they avoid it at all costs...

They live in ghettos because they choose to live in ghettos.

Here in the UK we have vast areas of inner cities that are police and white / black no go areas ... and thats in the day light.

The Police have to ask for permission to raid some areas of the UK from 'community leaders' aka the source of the trouble.... and if they dare arrest some one of the islamic bent that the others don't agree on... well theres hell to pay in minutes.

Look, its really simple, and i have been saying it for years.

You want an enemy within, then you let asians settle in your country in large numbers and then let them have free reign over the areas they live...

Bradford, leeds, Sheffield, wolverhampton, slough, oxford, all of London, manchester, wigan, birmingham, coventry... the list is long of the cities where the threat from these people is swelling .... and as for the fact that in 'protest' they blew up our trains and buses... well, it may of been our fault really, because we gave the enemy a free invite into our country.

Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, italy, Spain, denmark, belgium.... what have they all got in common? They all have had people killed in their borders by a muslim against a non-muslim because of a percieved insult to mohammed or allah.. Spain, UK, well we got the first of the suicide bombers in europe.... gee are these islamists such nice intergrationists that they spread themselves around so much??...

And my last rant.......... Why, if their so nice, can i not build a church inside an islamic country? and if i try why will they try to kill me.... thought they were nice peaceful people..... thats what the leftist apologists keep on telling us all........

D4rk Kn1ght, Above Top Secret 0 Comments [12/10/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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