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The reason for these laws [i][in Deuteronomy, such as stoning for adultery and being forced to marry your rapist][/i] was as a deterent to whoredom. It stopped women for playing the harlot. Something that the modern occidental democracy has no answer to - a majority of women turn harlots even before they reach the age of consent in the UK. These days 'women rights' equate to 'the right to play the whore'. And the indulgence in, proclivity to, whoredom, is the principle reason why women cannot and will not believe in God. The feminist today is antichrist in female guise, just as the deist/atheist is the antichrist in male guise.

Old Man, Internet Infidels 27 Comments [3/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Yeah, Heaven forbid women have the right to have extramarital sex. That's for men only, dammit!

1/15/2007 4:52:36 AM

Princess Rot

The majority of women turn to whoredom before the age of consent? BULLSHIT. I waited till I was 18 and in a stable relationship, and I'm a fucking atheist. I don't need to fear some higher authority to respect myself.

For that matter, I don't know anyone who had sex before 16 1/2, MEN INCLUDED.

3/27/2008 2:57:10 PM


Old man? Should be "old scared virgin"

3/27/2008 3:24:57 PM


for every working girl there will be say 20, often married, men payng. No-one forces the men to pay: if they didn't the girls would have to find other work

Typical self-righteous *! blame the abused

(PS I know not all working girls are in it because they are forced, but many are)

3/27/2008 3:54:07 PM

I wonder what would happen if this moron found out that there is such a thing as a male prostitute.

And guess what, old man? I'm a feminist and a virgin. Is your head exploding yet?

3/28/2008 10:05:28 PM


[evil atheist mode]So, you found out about our agendas...but you're still gonna die before I do! What do you say to that, Old Man?![/evil atheist mode]

3/28/2008 10:23:23 PM


On top of the rest of your stupidity, you also just insulted my (devoted Christian but not fundy) mother, you unspeakable piece of dogshit. My mother sincerely believes in God, loves Jesus as her personal saviour, and IS NOT a whore by anyone's definition.

3/30/2008 5:21:53 AM


is the principle reason why women cannot and will not believe in God.
I believe in god, just not the bible because it was written by a bunch of bigots in order to control people

4/6/2008 10:16:18 PM


Sounds like someone got turned down a lot.. or always..

4/7/2008 7:47:00 PM


Hey, 'sup? Feminist and virgin here.

12/15/2008 2:10:52 AM

Big Fat Mojo

It stopped women for playing the harlot.

Because guys dont rape modest women. Yeah, right...

12/15/2008 7:16:28 AM

Mr. Creazil

So... Women can't believe in god, but only men can be atheists? What does that leave them?

12/15/2008 7:44:12 PM


As much as we all know that women have caused all the problems in the world,,,Fuck you.

12/15/2008 9:30:40 PM


So...forcing a woman to marry their rapist prevents women from being promiscuous. Can...I introduce you to a teeny, tiny, itty bitty fact about rape?

IT'S NON CONSENSUAL, YOU FUCK! They don't ask for it at all, so all you achieve is punishing the victim by degrading her further, by treating her as damaged good, pawning her off in a "You break it, you bought it" deal, after she is dehumanized and degraded by her rapist, that is. You ignorant cock-bite, I am ashamed to be of the same fucking SPECIES as you, let alone gender!

12/15/2008 10:15:34 PM

Darwin's Bullfrog

What a sick, sad freak. Who voted this as less than five?!

12/15/2008 11:08:49 PM

And, for some reason, men are going to have their pants zipped?. How naive.

8/11/2009 2:45:48 PM

Dr. Shrinker

It is a shame that you have reached an age where you consider yourself "old" and you still think of women as being "icky" and scary. I guess maturity did not come with your age, did it?

8/11/2009 3:05:53 PM


Good grief, what a pathetic, repressed piece of misogyny... and this SOB is from the UK! I shudder to think how this guy gets his jollies. If you're not so traumatized that you arent interested in adults, I prescribe a damn good screw or three if you're still capable of it. Maybe make use of one of those "harlots" you're so obsessed with, so long as you make sure she (or he) is adult, freely participating, and you pay them well!

8/15/2009 11:35:17 PM


Yeah yeah yeah, sex is only for men. I noticed you say nothing about male entitlement, and their not keeping their dicks zipped up.

8/16/2009 12:50:10 AM


1) Rape victims are not harlots you sick bastard.
2) Male feminists exist. I'm one.
3) I do not think you know what the word "majority" means.

2/6/2011 3:15:35 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Old, stupid man.

9/25/2012 4:09:58 PM


I'm yet another virgin feminist! Any sane woman would rather die than marry her rapist...just because the only way YOU could get a woman is by raping her doesn't mean it's okay! Rape is NEVER the victim's fault, you freaking rape apologist sicko! Something tells me that (Bitter) Old Man is just pissed off because no woman wants to go near him!

9/25/2012 4:55:03 PM


So what was the patriarch Jacob doing when he fathered children with his two wives' handmaidens?

You have read that part, haven't you?

9/25/2012 5:15:44 PM


I love whores. Thank fuck hardly anybody gives a shit about Deuteronomy.

Seriously, though, WTF has feminism got to do with the antichrist??

9/26/2012 2:59:16 AM


Personally, I'm a feminist, and this is a load of shit. Also, the "Antichrist" is a myth.

8/1/2013 4:26:53 PM

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